Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow! Freezing Rain! Sun?!

Today was a very odd day.
We had all kinds of weather.
The sun even came out for a tiny little peak.

When we came out from the barn it was snowing.
I told the publicist I had enough of this snow and she does nothing to fix it.
I think I need a new publicist!

Then later in the day we had freezing rain!
This is even worse than snow if you ask me.
It's rain which you know we goats don't like at all and it's FREEZING.

The publicist came out of the yurt to put us back in the barn.
When she did that I was hiding.

Can you see me?
I was not in my usual place.
I was trying to fool her.

She yelled and yelled.
The other goats started running to go to the barn but this is what I did...

I am a sneaky doe.

I went into my nice little goat house.
It is comfortable in there.
I like it.

But it is lonely without the other goats.
Did I stay or did I go?

Abby will show you tomorrow how it all played out.


  1. I'm guessing you ran like the dickens into the barn! Snow is bad enough, but freezing rain on top! ICK! I'm with you, Pricilla. Come live here with me--I'll save you a spot by the fire with Hobbes.

  2. I hope you made her LURE you in with special things to EAT!!!!! hee hee hee

  3. Freezing rain is the absolute worst! I don't blame you for hiding, but you know the barn would be a better place to be in these conditions. Silly doe.

  4. We don't like rain either but have never experience freezing rain in our furs. We don't blame you for hiding out but we think you ran to the barn too.

  5. you all need heated rain coats with hoodies!

  6. Pricilla, if the publicist refuses to do anything about this awful weather, I think you goats should get to hang out in the yurt. It is only fair. I bet that is where you really wanted to go.

  7. You certainly did find a nice hiding place--I bet you were not getting wet under there.

  8. At least your publicist has places for you to go, to get out of the freezing rain and snow... Think of all those poor goats who have nowhere to go and must spend all their time out in the elements... You give that publicist of yours a big bump for thinking of you... And, come visit when you can...

  9. We think you must have run as fast as you could to get in the barn. That freezing rain is horrible. We hate that stuff too. We sure hope it warms up for you soon. Take care.


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