Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sherpa and Harry Model! (But Not Well)

The publicist received a package yesterday.
She likes to get packages.

I want to get packages.
With apples in them.

Oh well.
The publicist's package had goat coats in it!
That's right!

Her blog friend, Texan made them for Mallory's kids which are due very soon now.
December is not a good time to have kids in Montana.

The publicist sent Texan a pair of earrings and Texan sent the publicist the goat coats.
How cool is that?

Since there are no kids around right now Sherpa and Harry will model the goat coats.
They were not happy - or very cooperative. Not like Daisy and Harley!

Sherpa is not sure about this coat wearing at all!

Harry comes to sniff him and check out the embroidery.


Little did Harry know he was next!

He does look cute though, doesn't he?

Soon there will be goat kids in these coats.


  1. Very cute goat coats and models!

  2. LOL. Made me chuckle this morning.

  3. I think Sherpa & Harry are very good sports. hehe

  4. Aren't they cute! Did they get treats for being good kitties? What if you get triplets?

  5. Those are very nice goat coats!!! Where is your special Pricilla coat? Hot Pink - with spangles?

  6. it looks like the kids might have trouble getting the coats away from the kitties!

  7. Sherpa and Harry are saying that they ALEADY are wearing coats and don't need to have a second one put on too. I am sure they will look much better on the baby goats.

  8. Oh great they got there! I am glad before Mallory had her kids!

    I think Sherpa in particular looked quite smart in the coat! That color really goes well with Sherpas fur :O). Harry looked the most like um okay got the photo now get this off me LOL...

  9. Those are very cute goat coats but it looks like they took Harry's bones so he could only lay there!

  10. So so so cute. I can't wait to see little goaties in them. I'm just sure Santa will bring you does this year!

  11. The goat coats are adorable! This puts it more in perspective how tiny the bebbeh goats actually are.

  12. Oh thank you, I needed a laugh. My eyes are watering.

  13. Don't you love how kitties get real low when you put something on them--like they can't move???! That darn Daisy and Harley are sooo cute--my cats don't pose either. Drives me NUTS! I love Daisy and Harley and how they do that!


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