Monday, December 20, 2010

The Publicist Says, "Thank You!"

The publicist wanted to use the blog today.
I was surprised!
She has her own blog; why did she need to use mine?

Well, I am a nice goat so I told her she could do whatever she wanted on my blog - as long as it was family friendly. I did not want anything bad on my blog!

She just looked at me like like was crazy.
She does that a lot.
I don't know why...

It seems she received a package in the mail.
She does not know who sent it!
I wanted to help her by eating the box to see if it would give any clues but she gave me that look again.

In the box was a very cute stuffed cat. 
We all know how much the publicist likes cats.
(Personally I think she should stick to goats but that is not my call.)

She likes it very much...

The tag says, "Mreow! Mreow! I'm an animal rescuer too....Just like Diego and YOU!"

She would like to thank whomever sent it to her. It gave her a great big smile when she opened it. (I like when she smiles.)
There was no card in the box.

She is keeping it by the computer so she can look at it every day.
She says she is putting it high enough so I can't give it a nibble.
As if!


  1. What a nice thing for you to do, Pricilla, to let your Publicist use your blog. You are a very generous goat! That's such a nice surprise for your lady! A very silly and cute kitty too! What fun! That's so very thoughtful of some nice person or goat to send that present!

  2. What a nice surprise to get in the mail! I wish it was me who thought of it. ;)

  3. That is so cute. I can't take credit for it but obviously the publicist has an admirer.

  4. I am a cat lover and I like very much to have friends you want to be my friend? Then come to my blog and tell me know if you want to be my friend
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    And a Merry Christmas

  5. We did not send but sure wish we had. What a nifty present. Thanks Pricilla for letting the publicist tell us about the rescue kitty. Our Mom might have to get some of those to give away. Hope you find who sent it. Take care.

  6. What a cute gift! Won't even hide when you have company like your other orange cat! My orange cat is curled up under my tree!

  7. How fun to get a mystery kitty in the mail!

  8. it's nice to get a cat that doesn't breathe! you are in danger of becoming the cray cat lady!!! hehe!!!

  9. What a cute cat and what a nice thing someone did for the publicist.

  10. That is a very cute mystery kitty! We can see why it makes the publicist smile!

  11. It's a holiday mystery cat! I want to thank you for giving the Publicist a chance to thank her anonymous gifter! You are indeed a fine goat... What a fun surprise!


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