Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is it Spring Yet?

The publicist has told me I have to stop asking this since it isn't even winter yet.
How can it not be winter with all this cold weather and snow?
The publicist says that winter doesn't arrive until next week.
Harumph I say to this. HARUMPH!

I think I should be an island goat.

And just look at this!
Marion the goat has taken my favorite basking spot.

Can you believe your eyes?!
When the publicist came out to check on us I went running to her.

I wanted to talk to her about this.
It is MY basking spot.
I explained it to her very nicely.

She told me that Marion is still a young goat and will learn her place and for me to be patient.

I gave the publicist my best goat stare of death.

I don't think she was impressed.
Not when Marion the goat gives her a smile.

I wish I were a young goat again.


  1. Hmmmm....that's a very silly smile that Marion has! Tee hee. I suppose you could try to give your lady a big smile. Maybe she'd give you an APPLE.

  2. The key to keeping your basking spot is to feel young at heart and be twin sisters with the herd queen so they all know not to mess with you or your sister will butt them out of your spot. That's how I do it. Marion is awfully cute though.

  3. why not just butt marion out of your spot!

  4. ah yes wishing you were a young goat again, well it happens to everyone from time to time even humans. :O). I am pretty sure you could get Marion to move, tee hee ..just sayin...

  5. Pricilla -- just remember these famous words:
    "youth is wasted on the young"

  6. Pricilla, your view is so beautiful! I love seeing all your snow. All we have is rain and MUD! I think you'd like snow much more then wallering in wet dirt!

  7. Marion is putting on all her goat charm to get her way - that is not fair!

  8. Pricilla, you must be patient with the publicist. She doesn't understand that she is supposed to move Marion out of the way for you. Sometimes humans don't pay enough attention.

  9. It's hard to compete with those youngins but we hope you were at least able to share the basking spot with her.

  10. Oh Pricilla, you do look very cold. We think you should be allowed in the house if the younguns are taking your basking space. Marion is very cute but she needs to move over. Those darn young goats just take over. Hope you get your spot back Pricilla. Take care.

  11. Marion does have a silly smile!
    Don't worry, just keep practicing you death stare. Here's an example: O_O


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