Monday, December 6, 2010

I MAAAAED and MAAAAED and Put my Hooves Down

It's true!
I have had it!
I am officially tired of the snow.

I told the publicist in no uncertain maaas it MUST go away.
When she came to our pen I came running.

I had my opinion ready and waiting for her.

In fact I kept my opinion on my face the whole time I was maaaing at her.

She knew EXACTLY how I felt about this cold, white stuff on the ground.
I maaaed to her that she had better get rid of it and get rid of it FAST.

She looked at me and asked just what did I expect her to do.
Well, shovel it or something I maaaed.

I think she is still on the ground laughing.

Is this any way to treat a goat?


  1. Humph! Wouldn't your lady offer to build you a great big greenhouse full of lovely grass and butterflies? Try demanding this today! Maybe you need to stomp your hoof at the same time you are sticking your tongue out!

  2. I don't know, with that beautiful fur coat, she looks pretty warm. Maybe Pricilla needs booties for her feet?

  3. Poor Pricilla! Maybe you need a nice warm jacket. And a jaunty scarf!

  4. Maybe Santa Goat will bring you a snow blower?

  5. at least the publicist could get you some of those patio heaters. i think you would all like that!

  6. Oh, I can't believe she wouldn't shovel it all away for you. I don't understand that at all. Maybe it's becuase you stuck your tongue out at her.

  7. It could be worse. My poor goaties haven't left the barn in two days. The wind is fierce!!!

  8. What? She didn't take you seriously? The nerve!

  9. I'm sorry...I'm trying to be sympathetic but I can't stop laughing!!! :)

  10. That is totally not fair that the publicist is laughing at you! We all know that humans are in charge of the weather and they are telling fibs when they claim that they aren't. Now, if only we can figure out how to get them to own up to that, and get rid of all that bad weather!

  11. That wasn't very nice of the publicist to laugh at you Pricilla! She really should be building you a nice warm yurt like the Farm Cats have instead of standing there laughing at you.

  12. I'm tired of the cold already. Brrrr. I can only imagine life outside.

  13. We have winter here too. Otherwise I'd suggest that you come visit. And yes I agree someone should shovel your pens... It's just not fair to expect you to stand around in snow all winter!

  14. You are so right Pricilla. The publicist needs to get rid of that horrible cold wet stuff. She could install lots of heat lamps around but then you would have mud. But we agree, that snow has to go. We know how goaties feel. Our goat here, would never come out of the barn. The silly donkeys like the wet stuff.
    Take care Pricilla, maybe the sun will come out and melt all that darn stuff.


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