Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How is Brewster Doing?

Before Kringle joined the world little Brewster had been moved into the buck pen.
If you recall, he was NOT a happy goat.
A little time has passed now - so how do you think Brewster is doing?

Well, for the most part Brewster and Luke are getting along just fine.
Luke minds his business and Brewster does his thing.

Which is mostly eat.
Brewster likes to eat.
But he IS a growing buck.

There was one bad altercation. It was good the publicist was there.
Luke was doing the goat stomp at Brewster.
He had Brewster in the corner and he must have butt him pretty good.
He somehow got Brewster's head stuck under his horn.

When the publicist saw them all she saw was Brewster's little legs pointed straight up in the air. She was very upset. She had to push his little head out from between Luke's horn and the side of Luke's head. It wasn't easy. She was afraid of hurting Brewster.  When she was done Brewster just ran over to the hay pile and started eating again.

This photo is NOT from that event. The publicist was too upset to be taking pictures.

She guessed he was OK.
From that point on Brewster has just given Luke a wide berth.
But the publicist watches Luke VERY closely.

She does not want anything to happen to little Brewster.


  1. Brewster is still very, very cute!!! I hope Luke doesn't try to flip Brewster again! Eeeek! I'm so glad the Publicist was there!

  2. We had that same problem with Harley and Mr.Tumnus. Mr.T was not trying to hurt him they would just be playing but Harley kept getting stuck between his horns so we ended up putting Harley in a different pen until he gets big enough not to fit between Mr.Tumnus horns.

  3. Oh, how SCARY! It doesn't sound like Brewster was any worse for the wear. Whew!

  4. You know, the Publicist could have gotten herself hurt in trying to help Brewster. It's better sometimes to NOT see what goes on in the pens... I had a horse who tried to bully the other horses and was constantly trying to keep them apart -- till I remembered I was trying to control about 2,000 pounds of stupid, on foot! But, I'm sure Brewster was very glad the Publicist was there, and finds comfort, like most of us, in eating... Come visit when you can...

  5. OMG!....I'm so glad you were there! He is just so darn cute! Stay safe my little goatie friend!

    P.S. Patty, we used your soap last night (monkey farts) and it is so lovely! Monkey farts smell great...he he! Thanks again!

  6. oh no brewster. good thing the publicist was there to save you. i guess this is the way you learn to be a big buck!

  7. Oh noooes Brewster. You definitely need to come live here. Gosh we sure are glad that the publicist was there to save you. Maybe Luke will get used to having you there with him soon. He should be glad to have a friend. Take care Brewster and stay away from Luke.

  8. So glad he wasn't hurt. We still have an injured Heather here, and the human doesn't know what to do with her.

  9. A goat head-lock?? Who even knew such things were possible! I guess Luke has reaffirmed his position as the alpha goat.

  10. siggghhhh yes our Harrison has been known to toss the bucklings...sadly though our Harrison isn't playing with them. He simply wants them gone. Period end of subject. He says this a one buck ranch and I am that buck. Do something with this critter or I will....sighhhh so I never get to keep any bucklings... only whethers, that is working out okay so far. He still doesnt like them but so far has not actually harmed one... whats so odd is Harrison is so sweet to me and the does... he is actually very good natured other than to other bucks.

  11. oh no...i want a blizzard! can you goats all get together and blow it my way?

  12. Oh noes! That is so scary! We're glad the Publicist was there to help Brewster so he didn't get hurt. Luke needs to be nicer next time. Can little Brewster be separated from him?

  13. Males - I guess they have to show who is in charge. I am glad that Brewster wasn't hurt! It sounds like he is learning... but what a frightening experience!

  14. Awww, poor little Brewster. I hope the boys can work out their difficulties and everybody just get along.

  15. Brewster is a doll and Luke needs to mind his manners. So glad you were there to handle things.

  16. Good luck in adjusting Brewster!


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