Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big News About Brewster!

Little Brewster is growing up.
He is not a baby any more.
He is about to make a big step so I thought we would remember him as a kid today.

He was a little cutie when he was born.

That little chicken shaped blotch on his side mad us chuckle.

He has grown up to be a good little buckling. And a good eater!

Tomorrow he moves into the buck pen with his daddy, Luke the goat!
We will miss him in the doe pen but it is time for him to go.
His daddy will teach him how to be a big, strong buck. And probably a little bit smelly.

I will have video for you tomorrow.


  1. Brewster, you are growing up real good! I'll bet Luke can teach you some important things.

  2. does this mean that brewster is staying?

  3. Happy Graduation Brewster!!! I'm sure he will be an impressive buck just like dad!!

  4. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up!

  5. Gonna miss the little tyke... They're never the same after they hang with the old guys... Time for some new young'uns... Congratulations, Brewster!

  6. Oh Brewster, now you have to be a grown up. We hope Luke is nice to you while he is teaching you about the birds and bees. Tell the publicist that we want lots of reports. Can't wait for the video. Wish Montana wasn't so far away, so that we might have a Brewster baby. But it is way too far.

  7. It is amazing how quickly these little boy-goats become men-goats. He's still a cutie though!

  8. Is Luke going to have the "big talk" with Brewster?

  9. Brewster was such a cute little kid! We know Luke will teach him how to be a manly grown up goat now.

  10. It's just so emotional... *SOB*

  11. I can't believe he's a big boy already! Amazing!

  12. They just grow up so fast, don't they!


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