Friday, December 17, 2010

AbbyDay - The Publicist Visits the Horses Across the Street

It's AbbyDay and I get to tell you about the publicist's walk.
Not Pricilla.
So there.

On the day it snowed she looked across the street and saw the horses frolicking.
She thought she would try and get some pictures of them playing in the snow but by the time she walked over there this is what they were doing.

They stopped playing!
They did decide that the publicist was not going to hurt them though and Dusty the horse decided to come over and say hello.

Dusty like to have his head scratched.

Hey! I like to have MY head scratched!
After a while the other horse decided to come over and say hello too.

Dusty was not too happy about this.
I think Dusty wanted all of the publicist's attention for himself.
I can't say I blame him for this. I like all the publicist's attention too.

Then a THIRD horse came over to say neigh.

The publicist was very happy because she really likes horses.
NOT as much as she likes goats, though.
I am sure of that!

The horses are pretty and as she left they all stood by the fence wishing she would stay.

We goats do the same thing to her.
It makes her sad. She wants to stay but she has things that have to get done.
The horses soon went back to doing whatever it is that horses do.

Now I, Abby get to announce the winner of the Christmas soap giveaway!
The publicist knows I am smart and can do this right.
Pricilla and I both thank everyone that comes and reads our blog everyday. We really appreciate it. We work hard to make a nice blog for you.

The winner is:  Millie!!!!! Millie can go go to the shop and pick three soaps of her choice.
I decided that since it is AbbyDay I was going to pick another winner to win one bar of rich soap. That winner is:  Pam!!!! Pam can go to the shop and pick one bar of her choice.

Yay for winners! And thank you to everyone who entered. I wish I could send everyone my rich soap but the publicist would banish me to the barn forever!


  1. Congratulations to Millie and Pam! wee hoooo!

    Those are very pretty horses, Abby. I like the speckled Appaloosa one that looks like a couch. Wouldn't you like to hop up and take a ride? I'm sure you could jump up that high!

  2. what beautiful horses! and the mountains with the snow look heavenly.

  3. Yay for winners! The horses looked very friendly!

  4. Aren't horses magnificent? These are beautiful horses. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  5. Wahoo! I am so excited! Thank you so much! I love this post about the horses, my last horse was an appy! Such beautiful scenery! You are one lucky girl Patty and I am because I am a winner...he he!....Hugs and thanks again!

  6. Congratulations! Millie! Love the horses. Reminds me of my 3 back in the day. Sure do miss the old farm and my guys... Thanks for the photos! You did a great job, Abby! Come visit when you can and check out my other blog for a nice story of a Christmas Miracle - 27 Puppies and Teddies!

  7. No horses in this neighborhood. But I can go visit Meghan's llama. Her name is Grace.

  8. Concatulations to Millie and Pam! Those horses look very nice, but I think I would be scared of them - they are awfully big compared to kitties.

  9. Those horses are quite pretty in the snow. Thank you Abby, Pricilla and Publicist. You are all so very kind! I feel like such a lucky, special goat!

  10. Congratulations to the winners! Those horses are very pretty and look very friendly too. Maybe one day they could come frolick with you!

  11. Dusty is a very pretty playmate! I could see all the pictures today.

  12. Congrats to Millie and Pam. You are so lucky to be getting some of that great soap.
    Those horses really look pretty in the snow. Our Mom used to have a horse business, boarding them, teaching riding and have horse shows. So she loves them. We just have the two donkeys now. Stay warm all you goaties. Hi to Brewster.

  13. Such pretty horses. I have three myself. Love them too!. Congrats Pam and Millie!!


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