Friday, December 31, 2010

AbbyDay - I Give Kringle an Idea

It's AbbyDay! I am here to tell you that it is about time that the focus on this Farm returned to where it belongs.
To ME!

Therefore I am showing something to little Kringle.
There is a gap at the gate.

It's not big enough for a big goat to fit through.

But it is big enough for a little goat to fit through.
Do you think he will go?

Then it will be back to a Farm without a cute kid.
It can be all Abby, all the time!

Escape little Kringle, escape!
The whole wide world awaits.

But if I know the publicist she will notice and just bring him back.
What can I do next?

I do want to wish all of you humans out there a Happy New Year. Pricilla will be taking tomorrow off from blogging because she is old and lazy it is a holiday. She will be back on Sunday with a new post for the New Year.


  1. Oh Abbey! You should not be trying to loose little Kringle!You should be training him to be your minion...bwaahahahaha! Happy New Year to you all!

  2. You and your evil designs, Abby! Naughty goat! Tee hee. I do really sort of like Kringle's fuzzy little bum!

  3. Abbey, being the oldest child, I know exactly what you mean. If he doesn’t escape--perhaps you could give him a boost :) We older girls can be mean at times but if you need a friend to talk --I’m here.

  4. Abby, you naughty girl! What would happen if Kringle actually went out the gate! Then you would be in big trouble!

    Happy New Years Eve!

  5. Oh, Abby, Abby, Abby.... b-a-a-a-a-a-d girl... Cannot believe you would harbor such thoughts against adorable Kringle. Harumph! Good thing the Publicist was watching you... And, you would be heartbroken if Kringle escaped; I just know it... Try to keep your mind free from such thoughts and have a Happy New Year.... Come visit, if you can behave yourself.

  6. Dearest Abby - I love when your dark side takes over. It's quite entertaining.

  7. Oh Abby, have your evil plans worked yet? Give it up and become a nice goat. You'll be much happier, and everyone will listen to you more.

  8. Grrrr! My human says that if Kringle escapes, she hopes he runs all the way to OUR house! I hope the publicist keeps an eye on him.

  9. Abby, we don't think you really want Kringle to leave because he's just so darn cute! We hope you and all the happy goats and the publicist and male person and farm kitties have a very happy and healthy New Year!

  10. i hope all of you have a wonderful new year!

  11. Abbey!!! Go to your room, um I mean the barn LOL, I think you need a time out to reflect on your thinking ... trying to loose little Kringle...

  12. See how smart Kringle was. He didn't go through the gate. Abbey, we think you are just as cute as Kringle, don't worry.
    Happy New year to all of you and Brewster too. Take care.

  13. Abby, I am shocked at you! Even though it was a good idea...

  14. OH, little Kringle, you are precocious! Your pictures loaded today.

  15. Abby, soon Kringle will get bigger and it will get back to all Abby all the time. Do not worry. Baby only lasts a short time but diva is forever.

  16. So did you manage to persuade Kringle to leave? He might get his cute jacket caught on the wires and rip it... the would Piss off the publicist a lot more than kringle going walk about!

    Hope you guys 'kids' all have a great new year with lots of good food!

  17. Ohhh.....I had forgotten about Kringles sweet butt...........


Maaaaaa away....


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