Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are Happy the Male Person is Home

We were so happy to see the male person today.
Even though he does not take care of us we still like him a lot.
We miss him when he is not here.

He told us he had lots of fun on his trip to Vermont.
He went to school in this place called Vermont - he lived there for 10 years.
One place he lived was a town called Brattleboro. 

He showed us some pictures.
This is the fire station in the town where he used to live

Of course he would visit the fire station being fire chief and all.
He toured around all the places he used to visit when he was young.
Before he was "old and married."

He brought this picture home because he thought the publicist would like it.

Windham County Courthouse in Newfane, VT
 She did.
He also probably took it because he used to be a lawyer.

This is the West River.

It looks a bit like my river. Plus I see lots of good things to munch.
I wonder why the male person did not take ME on his trip.

I would have had no problem with a TSA agent checking my udder.
I have nothing to hide.


  1. Oh Pricilla, the image of a TSA agent checking your udder cracked me up!

  2. Welcome home to the male person.. I'm sure the passengers on the plane would have been happy to have you chew on them as you wandered up and down the isles too!

  3. Of course you'd be fine with the TSA agent. So would I, but they might change their policy if they had to check Lily or Cutie--that would make me laugh! Glad your male person made it home safely and brought the camera back so we get to see more pictures of you and everyone!

  4. That is how we should protest these scanners and pat downs!All the goatie people should start traveling with their goats! It was nice the Male person took some pictures for you all who had to stay behind!

  5. I love the courthouse. Lawyer/Fire Chief...interesting combination. I like it.

  6. Tell the male person that I like the courthouse building photo also! Glad he's home though!

  7. I love the pictures! And of course you would have made a perfect passenger.

  8. That courthouse is special! Sometimes I miss the northeast because those kinds of buildings seem to be everywhere. Nothing here is quite that old.

  9. I am thinking that might have been a first for the TSA agent to check a udder :O)...

    The courthouse is so pretty!

  10. welcome home male person. i miss brattleboro too!

  11. That looks like a nice town - my human liked the courthouse photo too.

    I think I would have a problem with TSA - I do not like being handled and groped. Do you think a kitty could get away with just a nice pet and leave it at that?

  12. That's great the male person is now home. Looks like Vermont has the same dreary weather as we've been having. Yeah, fireman and lawyer both is quite a unique combination. Good for him. More pics to come now!!

  13. That would be too funny, a TSA checking out a goat! I'm glad the male person is home, too. So much better for everyone... Have a Happy Thanksgiving and come visit when you can...

  14. We're glad the male person is home and had a nice time in his old hometown. We liked seeing the buildings and the fire department since our Grandpa was a fire chief too.

    We laughed thinking about the TSA checking your udder! They are checking a lot of udders right now that's for sure!

  15. That really is funny about the TSA checking your udder Pricilla. We wouldn't want you to go through that though.
    We sure like the male person's pictures. Sounds like he had a very interesting past life. Now it is even better with all you goats.
    Take care and have a great turkey day but goats don't eat turkey. Maybe you will get a special treat.

  16. Hah! The udder part cracked me up, too.

    Those are beautiful pictures. Looks like a very pretty place!


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