Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today I am a ReviewGoat - The 12 Quart Pot from Le Crueset and CSN

The publicist told me that today I was going to be a ReviewGoat.
I am starting to like this job.
I get grain when I am a ReviewGoat and you all know how much I like my grain.

Better yet the publicist told me I was going to review a new pot.
A Black Onyx 12 Quart Stockpot from Le Crueset.


I was very excited when I heard this so I RAN to meet the publicist.
The problem was that some other goats ran too.
They must have smelled all that grain.

The others were all crowding around the pot so I could not do my job. It was not good.

The publicist had to move me out of my goat pen so I could do a proper review
That was OK - I could then eat all of the grain myself.
I had to do a PROPER review, didn't I?

I gave the pot a good sniff because that is what anyone should do with a new product.
You need to make sure it hasn't gone bad.
This pot smelled just fine. In fact it smelled a bit like there was GRAIN inside and that is a good thing.

Then the publicist opened the pot and I saw this:


The publicist told me to "chill."
She said 12 quarts of grain would make me sick and to just do my job.

Harumph again! (munch, burp!)

Well, it was good grain and the pot was very easy to eat out of and it did make me happy for a while.

But I was being a prima donna and I walked away. I know I should not do this but I don't think I got enough grain for the work.

So the publicist let the other goats have it.

And boy did they fight over it.

Sarah got some

Mallory and Marion got BOTH of their heads in there.

EVERYGOAT wanted a piece of that pot.

But of course Abby won in the end.

Who else?
Just goes to show how big and strong the pot is!

Even though I walked off the job for a bit I, PricillaGoat can assure you - this is a good pot.

The publicist says she is very happy with her pot too.
She says the service from CSNStores is excellent and they ship very fast.
She will tell you more on her blog.

I guess I should be better tempered.
It's the grain talking....

I want to wish everyone a Happy Veterans' Day and thank all of the Veterans out there for their service. I don't know any Veteran goats but if there are any out there thank you too!

Disclosure:  The publicist received a gift certificate from to pick something out for me to review. Why she picked a pot and not a big bag of grain I will never know. If you ask me I should have picked out what I was going to review but I am a goat so I guess I can't shop. Any opinions you have read in this post are the publicist's interpretations of my maaaas. She knows me well enough now to know what I mean when I maaa. I received no compensation for this post other than that paltry amount of grain you saw in the pot. I didn't even get any apples. Harumph!


  1. What a review! It had everything,action,drama and suspense!

  2. this must be the best review that csn stores has ever had!

  3. Excellent review, Pricilla... Look on the bright side, had there been no 12-quart pot to review, would you have been given any grain, today, or not? Go hug the Publicist... and come visit when you can...

  4. That is an enormous stockpot and if the goats approve, I approve!

  5. I agree, Pricilla, you should have gotten paid more. Wel, there is still time for you to get a bonus, right?

  6. Great review, loved the pictures!

  7. I certainly can see why you walked away. You really should be fairly compensated--at least some apples to go with that bit of grain.

  8. Now that was a nice pot you got to eat your grain from! I can see why the publicist would like this pot!!

    But ya that pot would have held a lot more grain! But you didn't want to get sick from eating to much right... :O)

  9. So how can you review a 12 qt pot if you don't even know if it holds 12 qts of grain? You are certainly a professional because you still made the pot look good even without having proof of how big the pot is!

  10. Pricilla, you did a great review. That is one good looking pot and we are thrilled that you didn't get that whole pot full of grain because then there wouldn't be any more Pricilla and we kind of like you a lot. Love the pictures of Brewster getting his cute little nose into the pot too.
    Hope you have a fun week end.

  11. Oh I can only say that pot is BEAUTIFUL! I think the black color matches your spotting very well and you will look great using it as a grain bucket. That is if the Publicist lets you ever see it again. I think it may be destined for uses in the humans kitchen!

  12. I love the pot!!! I have been lusting after a crock of that same variety for years. Very good brand. Bravo on the review. Lucky lucky girl...the publicist that is. :)

  13. You do great reviews! Love the stockpot.


Maaaaaa away....


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