Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder About the Farm Cats

I really do.
For Farm cats they have a pretty easy life.
But they sleep in the strangest ways.

Take Stinky for instance...

What is up with this?
No self respecting goat would sleep this way!

And Sherpa.

He is resting on egg cartons!
That is very silly.

Everyone knows that egg cartons are for munching!


  1. Oh, everyone is very happy the yurt is in action and with HEAT! Hooray! I don't blame those kitties--being a farm cat is tough work!

  2. What in the world are they thinking?

  3. Kitties are professional nappers you know...it is hat they do best!

  4. I dunno, Pricilla - it all looks pretty normal to me!

  5. I would SO love to nap on those egg cartons!

  6. We think both of those napping positions look like purrfect form! Great job Stinky and Sherpa!

    Angel & Isabella

  7. Whatever works. I can't really say anything because I used to have a tree that was great for taking naps... but, then, again, egg cartons...??? Hmmmm... Come visit when you can...

  8. I must agree they look silly. I bet Minnie would pull those cartons right out from under him just to munch on them.

  9. Those are silly farm cats. Those egg cartons do look like a silly bed.But whatever works. Cats do like to sleep in silly places and silly positions.
    Take care and have a good day.

  10. lol and just think we use egg cartons for eggs at our farm LOL... I better not let the goaties here hear about this!


Maaaaaa away....


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