Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not So Happy Goats

I have a secret.
It's a big secret.
The male person has been away.
He went on a trip.

To a place called Vermont.
He's been gone for a week.
This is why the publicist has not had her camera.

He will be home today and that makes me and the other goats very happy.
What makes us not happy is this:

Did you see that?
It snowed yesterday!
We do not like snow.
As I have said many a time I am an African goat. I and the others like it warm.
This snow stuff is ridiculous.

The male person is upset he missed the snow.
Well, he can have it - it should have snowed in that place called Vermont.

Did you hear my studmuffin calling for me?
He is so sweet - even if he did dance the rhumba with Abby yesterday.


  1. Oh NOOOOOs Snow. Yikes. That is horrible. You poor goats. Hope the sun comes out soon. Marion, you are kind of loud. Brewster, glad we got to see you.
    Take care and stay warm.

  2. I would like some snow but I am sure our goaties would not! I don't think the will have to worry about it much here!You all need snow boots for goatie feet!

  3. We're supposed to have snow this week. I'm a Swiss goat, and I don't like it either because it melts and makes us wet!

  4. Oh, you guys definitely sound unhappy about this snow! You should come live in southern California - it does not snow here at all!

  5. I am sorry about the snow. I moved so I would not have to live where there was snow anymore. Hope you are warm, happy Goats again very soon.

  6. I am sorry you got snow. It looks a little bit chilly! I would share my heated cat pad with you, but it might be too small. Can you fit on a mat that is 12" wide?

  7. just pack that snow up an ship it my way!!! i know you guys don't like it but i love it! welcome home male person!

  8. I'm with you, goat pallies! I don't like the idea of snow either. :(

  9. Yeah, it's that time of year again. Snow can be fun, skiing, ski-dooing, skating and such. But it's usually that cold wind that I don't like. It's a bit warmer here in NS, better than Alberta where we used to live. It's funny how your goats actually don't seem to like it either. I always think that my Canada goose doesn't like it either but when he gets too much cabin fever we let him out and he just lays on a snow bank for awhile. We worry that he might break a leg on slippery patches so we are careful with him. He really misses the grass though. We scrape a patch of snow away for him to nibble on the frozen greens below. Hope I didn't write too much. Love your posts!!

  10. We like to watch snow falling but we don't ever get to go out in it. The pieces of it that our sisfur Sadie brings in are cold!

  11. Snow already! Wow summer and fall sure went by fast. Not ready for winter at all!

  12. Oh my snow already! We think snow is pretty as long as it is somewhere else LOL. and we like warm temps here :O). Okay 107 is a little warm but anything under 100 we are good with :O).


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