Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Brewster is Getting, Erm, Frisky!

The male person and the publicist have decided to keep little Brewster as a buck.
This means he is starting to find us does erm, interesting.

Yes I know he is only a month old.
Bucks mature early.
VERY early.

He seems particularly intersted in ME!
I am shocked as I am an old goat.

He keeps looking for me in my little goat house.

Then he gives me his idea of a suave and buckly look.

This does not work. 
I love my studmuffin and besides I AM A RETIRED GOAT.
When I ignore his erm, attentions he gives me...

The goat stare of death!
I do not think I deserve this.

Do you?


  1. Holy Moly! That is awfully young to be having those thoughts. I'm glad human men take longer to interested in such things. And some of them never really mature at all!

  2. What a cute little thing!! I want to pet him! (and he's such a baby doll I'm ignoring everything posted about his maturing urges.)

  3. Is seem those little bucks just come in to this world ready to perform !

  4. OMC! That is so funny! Brewster has NO idea how silly he is being! He needs to grow up a little more if he wants ladygoats to take him seriously.

  5. He is just too darn cute to be studly or taken seriously with a stare of death!

  6. Hehe. I couldn't take that look seriously either. Does make me want to kind of snuggle with him though...

  7. Well, you are the most lovely old goat Pricilla! I know he sees great beauty in you! He's also just a little silly. He needs to practice that suave look. hee hee. Also - Brewster's goat stare of death needs some more ooomph! heee hee. He's adorable.

  8. Brewster is pretty cute but he needs to grow up a little more. We keep expecting him to jump straight in the air so we're surprised he stood still that long!

  9. oh, yes, like our buckling Rocky. He cares not who you are. If you are a doe, you are fair game. Related or not. He started way too early, too. At 3 months he has graduated to some very disturbing "tricks".

  10. I wouldn't have believed it unless I'd seen it with my own eyes. A come hither look from a goat. I can't control my giggles.

  11. Typical male...of course I was kinda scared to scroll down after reading the first two paragraphs. I was afraid of what pictures the Publicist had taken. Yes, yes I know, it's not one of THOSE sites but is was awful close to Halloween...

  12. Oh dear Pricilla, you will have to ask for a private suite so you don't have to put up with those silly advances from that cute little buck. He really is so cute and just full of himself, obviously. Take care and have a good Tues.

  13. Whatever you do, don't believe him when he says he's just practicing!


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