Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did You Ever Feel Someone Was Watching You?

The publicist felt that way.
She did!
She told me so.

She was out taking more photos in the snow.
She was out walking around taking pictures like this one

And this one

And this one

And she had the feeling that she was being watched.
But she did not see anyone around so she was confused.
The feeling continued!

Then she looked up and saw this

Farm cat Sherpa!
Explains it all, doesn't it?


  1. It's so pretty there where you live Pricilla! I'd love to go galloping over to those pine trees for a snack! I'm not sure I'd like to be spied on by a Sherpa Cat though. Spooky!

  2. Lovely pictures. It certainly does look like Sherpa was keeping a very close eye on the publicist!

  3. Nothing like the Stare of a Cat to make you nervous! I know, I have 13!

  4. It's a Farm Kitty's job to snoopervise! Sherpa did a great job snoopervising those lovely photos!

  5. Sherpa was probably wondering why HE wasn't out in the snow, enjoying himself!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Sherpa was staying warm.

  7. Nothing like a cat to stare you down! Maybe sherpa needs a snowball to play with?

  8. Good job Sherpa keeping watch on everyone and everything. Those are pretty pictures of all the snow. You really did get a lot of snow. Hope it goes away soon so the goats can be happy again. Have a great day.


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