Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brewster is Not to be OutMaaaaed

Little Brewster decided that is Marion was going to MAAAAA!
He was going to MAAAA!

Not only maaaa but maaa for his Ma.

Little Brewster is getting bigger and will soon be moving into the buck pen with Luke so the publicist has given him his own pen in the barn. He does not like to be separated from his Nanny at night.

Not at all.
He maaaas and maaaas and maaaas some more.

When he comes down to the pen in the morning he maaas even more.
Here is a video so you can hear him.

Isn't he loud?
You can also see (if you looked closely) that he was flemming. This is one of the signs that he is growing up to be a big buck and has to move or we does might be in for a surprise in 5 months.

We don't want that do we?


  1. He's still very cute! Such a baby voice! awwww! HI ABBY!!!

  2. I think his little maaaaa is cute but I suppose it would get annoying after awhile if he didn't stop. He sure is cute though!

  3. oh yes we know the surprise in 5 months from the little buck Rubix that surprised us with his abilities rofl rofl

  4. Oh Brewster, you are so cute even screaming your little head off.
    We don't want any more cute surprises so you might have to move in with Luke for now. Take care.

  5. Those did NOT sound like happy maaaas! He is still so little... I cannot believe he thinks he is ready for the ladies already!

  6. Poor little Brewster! That is the life of bucks though...he will be happy with his dad once he gets used to the idea, our Harley is just fine over with his pop,Mr.Tumnus! He did cry and cry for a few days though....and it is hard to hear them cry like that.

  7. Oh he's such a cutie! He's maaaa's woke up Angel and she's looking for him!

  8. You should wether him!
    Why not save that cuteness?

  9. My, he certainly is getting to be a big boy, along with noisy.

  10. Aw, that's kind of sad that he's all grown up. Is he gonna stay with you there?

  11. *blush* I'm not very goatucated. Erm, what is "flemming"? Is that when male goats urinate on their face etc, to get the "Eau de Sexy" girl goats find irresistible?


Maaaaaa away....


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