Monday, November 29, 2010

Brewster is NOT a SnowGoat and My Coupon Code

Our little Brewster is NOT enjoying the snow AT ALL.
(Not that I am either but that is a tale for another day.)

It snowed some more yesterday and the publicist made us come out of the barn!
Can you imagine such a thing?!

When she came out in the afternoon to check on us she called to little Brewster and this is what she got:

You are correct, that is the cold shoulder!
From a kid!

To make it worse when she called him again she got this:

Little Brewster was in trouble now.
The publicist told him he was not being a very nice buck.

She told him she had nothing to do with all this snow and she didn't like it much either.
That he just better suck it up and get used to it because it was going to be around for quite a while.

So what did Brewster do then...

Ran to his Nanny for a drink of milk.
What else to do kids do when they are upset?

Silly Brewster!

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  1. That is a very impressive goat stare of death! The cold shoulder does make a point too! That is a lot of snow! Ours melted so we are back to MUD.

  2. awwww...poor brewster is cold. he needs a coat! that is my old mixer which i only use for bread. it is a swedish magic mill.

  3. I can't blame Brewster for not liking the snow. I don't like it either. Of course he blames the publicist. She is the source of all things good so I can understand why a baby would think she was the source of all things bad too.

  4. aww, cold hooves! I am coveting all that snow.

  5. Poor little Brewster. This snow must be quite puzzling for him. Tell him to buck-up and act like a man!

  6. If you made me go outside in the snow, I'd probably give you a look as well. Yikes! You get it early though!

  7. Great pix! Brewster does need to practice showing his emotions, but the cold shoulder is the best... The stare of death needs a little bulk behind it, but he's well on his way... Come visit when you can...

  8. I don't blame Brewster for his goat stare of death either! Who wants to hang around in the snow? I would have given my human the stink eye (the cat version of the goat stare of death) if she had done that to me.

  9. Yes, milk will always make a kid happy! I wouldn't like all that snow either. We're still brown (yeah!)

  10. My human kids give me that same look!

  11. That's a lot of snow. But doesn't his fur keep him nice and toasty?

  12. oh snow :O(...we don't like it here either, AT ALL, luckily we don't see it often!

    Good goat stare of death! :O)

  13. I'm pretty sure my cat Dini and your Brewster would be bestest friends.

  14. OMGosh this is hilarious. His little face and then angry eyes about the snow. He is so expressive and it's plain to see how much he dislikes the snow. Now that's a goat after my own heart. So adorable. Thanks for sharing these great pics.

  15. Well, that wasn't very scary, that stare of death!

    I'm going to order my soaps for ME for Christmas!!!

  16. Poor Brewster! We bet his Nanny's milk warmed him up from being so cold in that snow!

  17. I don't know, that Goat Stare of Death was pretty darn good, it gave ME a start. But then I don't have goats so am not used to it (but the husband has cats so I am accustomed to the cold shoulder--his was pretty good but I think he still has a thing or two to learn from the barn cats).

    Question, since it's snowing, does that mean Brewster was getting a milk slushy from his momma?

  18. Brewster is just the best. That stare of death is just perfect.Brewster, any time the publicist gets really tired of you, you can come live here. We allow full access to the barn at all times. Take care and all of you have a great day.


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