Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Blast for Peace #peace

You will recall that last year we had a sit down for Peace here at the Happy Goats Farm.

You can see how well THAT worked.
There is still no peace in the world.
This is very sad.

So this year we are going to STAND UP for peace and see if that helps!

Little Brewster stood up!

Sarah stood up!

I stood up on the spool to oversee all the goats!

Abby just stood by eating but that's Abby!

Nonetheless we are for PEACE here on the Farm even if we are butting heads.

So today think peaceful thoughts.
Be at PEACE.


  1. teddy and i will stand up for peace too!!!

  2. A day of peace...a great thing!

  3. Angel and I stand up for peace... thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I hope all your butting heads turn into headbutts! (I guess you have to be a cat to understand that.)

  5. Little Brewster, you are the perfect one for the Blast of Peace. Gosh you are so cute. Mom laughed out loud when she saw you standing up for Peace. Great picture. Take care.

  6. Fitting ambassadors... yup!

    Peace to all!

    ☮ & ♥

  7. Found you from the Dona Nobis Pacem. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

  8. Peace, peace, peace...!

    It's great to see goats taking part in this auspicious day!


  9. We will all stand for peace with you guys here on our farm as well! Such a wonderful thought, we will ever see the day.....

  10. That's right. You Happy goats should stand up for peace (that made me smile! :-))

    It's so lovely to see goatkind joining in the Blogblast for Peace!

    So, wishing peace for you and yours x

  11. Oh, Pricilla! You crack me up and make me smile! I love your "stand up for peace"...It is
    A ballet of peace. That's what it is.

    We shall see if peace prevails this time. If not, by next year perhaps you can stage a lie down for peace..or a love-in for peace...or a eat grass for peace (Yes!)

    I love Pricilla and her farm friends.
    You are #1979 in the Peace Globe Gallery at

    Thank you for blogging for peace.


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