Friday, November 26, 2010

AbbyDay - Who Deals with the Snow the Best? And I Give You a Coupon Code!

It's AbbyDay! The best day of the week.
It has been snowing around these parts.
I think the other goats are wimpy.
They all stand around like this.

Looking at the publicist like she can make all the snow go away.

Nora the goat hides in a goat house.

Little Brewster hides by his nanny.

Well, that I can understand. He is still a kid.
Mallory and Marion just stand there.

Marion keeps licking the snow off her legs.

Silly Marion.

What do I do you ask?
I am a smart goat.

I eat!
What should any self respecting goat do?

I have exciting news for you!
The publicist is letting ME give you a coupon code to use in the Happy Goat Soap shop.
That's right!

If you go to the shop and use the code Pricilla (why it couldn't be Abby I don't know) you will get 10% off of your order!

Isn't that wonderful?!
This code is good for all of my - YES MY - loyal blog readers through the end of the year. 

I hope all of my US readers had a very nice Thanksgiving yesterday. We stayed in the barn - it snowed some more.


  1. You all look very pretty standing in the snow! Maybe Santa Goat will bring you all boots and leg warmers for Christmas!

  2. You are very smart, Abby! Look at that nice sunshine! That really does help the snow feel better! Brewster looks a little shocked! Tee hee.

  3. i sure wish we would get some snow! when we had the bad snow last winter, teddy gave me that quizzical look all the time like i was responsible for all of the snow! go figure!

  4. You are very smart for taking advantage of nobody else eating. Poor Brewster does look pretty confused.

  5. Poor goats, we bet you are very cold in that snow. Peepers our goat here, would really be unhappy. She would just stay in the barn.
    Hope the sun comes out for you and melts all that stuff. Take care.

  6. Yes I agree the coupon code should be Abby.. Much easier to spell! It was snowing here too this morning but now it's changed to freezing rain! I liked the snow better!

    Stay warm... and just think of all the extra food your getting because all the rest of the goats are wimps!


  7. Eating is the perfect thing to do when it's snowing! You're very smart Abby!

    Thanks for the coupon code Abby!

  8. Wow, Abby, you goats are really getting pummeled with snow! You do seem to be the one goat with the right idea, though.

  9. I waiting to see if Hobbes still likes the snow this year. We haven't had any snow and not much cold here yet. I'm kind of glad it is holding off--we'll have plenty I'm sure.

    I'm with you--I don't want to stand in it either. Ick!

  10. I don't like snow either. Eating sounds like the best plan when it snows! Thanks for the coupon code - I'll have to stock up on the best goat's milk soaps this side of the Mississippi! (they could be the best soaps in the entire USA - I haven't tried them all but when you've found something this great, why look any farther?) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The jewelry arrived today and I'm thrilled! I hope your yarns get there soon and that you like them.

  11. I'd probably be eating, too. What else is there to do when it's so cold out? It's that or sleep probably.


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