Saturday, November 6, 2010

AbbyDay - I Tell You the Tale of Luke the Goat

It's AbbyDay - a day late I might add - I don't care if the publicist doesn't feel well. I should get my day on MY day.

I am going to tell you about my studmuffin today. Yes, MY studmuffin not Pricilla's.
He came out of the barn and the publicist was trying to get him into his pen but he was being abit, erm stubborn. I think it's because he wanted to find ME!

First he went into the garden. The garden is empty now...

He wandered around but he was silly. 

He didn't notice the delicious broccoli and cauliflower plants just waiting to be munched.

No, he walked a bit and then he left.

Then we went to the doe pen gate and had a bit of a sniff with Brewster. 

Since Brewster wasn't me he left there too.
He decided to explore the area on the side of his goat pen.

When the publicist called to him he was not very nice to her.

He should not have stuck out his tongue.
Although he is cute.

Then he went over by the trailer to see if he could find me.

But he didn't.

At this point the publicist lost her patience and said some things that even I will not repeat. She put my studmuffin on a lead and took him to his pen. That is just so undignified I refuse to show you what he looked like.

I still love him though.....


  1. I love reading these goat stories. So humorous coming from their perspective.

  2. poor luke...he breaks out and doesn't get any thing to eat and no goat kisses. bummer!

  3. An excellent journey for your studmuffin, who was probably checking out his area for things that didn't belong there, too... Just making sure all was right in his world... Now, Abby, give the publicist a break... When you're not feeling good, you're not so frisky, are you... Come visit when you can...

  4. Even Studmuffin's have to have good behavior to get those yummy treats your publicist always brings to you!

  5. Hi Abby! Next time that Luke starts a-lookin' for you, just let out the biggest holler that you can and he will be able to find you that way! He sure is a cute goat. Wish I lived up your way. Tee hee.

  6. Yes just Shout from the roof tops where you are...he'll find you!!! Muah! Happy Saturday hope the publicist is feeling better.

  7. I think Luke just wanted to get out of his pen and hang out for a while.

  8. Is he the little Brewster's daddy? They sure look similar.

  9. Looks like your studmuffin just wanted to explore the farm and look for all his ladygoats, uhm, we mean look for you Abby!

    We hope the publicist is feeling better!

  10. Well the studmuffin did have a nice walk and checked on everything along the way. After all, there might be a new lady around somewhere. Our mom got a great chuckle our of his trip. Take care.

  11. He is sillier than Tinkerbell!

  12. Beautiful farm with spoiled animals, the only way to go!!


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