Friday, November 12, 2010

AbbyDay - I Tell You About Santa Paws Drive

It's AbbyDay!
I love AbbyDay!
You should too...

Today I am going to be a philanthropic goat.
It's true! I can be nice.
Stop laughing.

I am going to tell you about Santa Paws Drive
It is a wonderful program started by one of my favorite blogs, Your Daily Cute
(Although I have never been asked to star on the blog which I think is a grave oversight. I am VERY cute!)

But anyway, today I am going to tell you how you can help shelter animals ALL OVER THE WORLD. That's right! All over the world. You can read all about it HERE but basically Cute has teamed together with Nip And Bones (a very nice shop that sells stuff for animals - but no goat stuff. That should be rectified!) and other wonderful people to raise money and toys and treats for shelter animals. They will then send packages to 6 shelters all around the world.

Here are some nice pets in Australia playing with toys they received last year.

How cool is this?
Still no goats though. Hmmmm.

This is a kitty in Canada enjoying a toy she received last year.
So you can see how happy these shelter animals are with their presents.

You can learn how to donate by going to Santa Paws Drive. You can choose to give toys, toy bundles for dogs or cats or cash. I asked the publicist to send a little cash. I didn't want to discriminate between dogs or cats.

Aren't I a nice goat?
So why not go and check it out and see if you can help these poor shelter animals. They don't have a nice warm barn like I do. Or a forever home. At least they can have a nice Christmas.


  1. Abby, thanks so much for sharing about Santa Paws Drive! Next year we'll have to figure out a way to get some goats in the act... ;) Good point!

  2. Abby, you is a very sweet Goat! I saw your comment about no goat stuff in our store, I will has to meows to da momma bout it, being dat I is da Chief Kit. Thanks you for posting about da Santa Paws Drive.

    Baby Patches
    Chief Kit for Nip and Bones

  3. ok...i just spend like two hours on 'your daily cute'. like i don't spend enough time on this computer already!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great sight... We don't want to leave the pets out of the holiday... Come visit when you can...

  5. I am glad you are sharing this, Abby! The Santa Paws drive is such a great thing for the shelter pets who don't have homes yet.

  6. Abby, it is very nice of you to tell us about the Santa Paws drive! We're sorry they don't include goats but it is wonderful they help shelter dogs and cats.

    PeeS: Our mommy tries to find goat things for her Friday Features every week and has a hard time. She did include a photo of a goat last week though!

  7. If you need a goat-related donation, try donating a goat through Heifer International!

  8. Abby that is so nice of you. Pricilla better watch out or you'll be trying to take her job as review goat.

  9. Good job Abby telling about the Santa paws drive. It is such a wonderful thing to do. Glad you asked for some goat stuff in the Baby Patches store. Our goat would like something too.
    Have a great day.


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