Monday, October 18, 2010

Where Was I When the Corn Came Out?

As I told you yesterday the publicist brought some tasty corn stalks into the goat pen.
But as she put the piles of stalks around she went looking for me.
She wanted to make sure I would have a nice pile all my own.

Isn't that nice of her?

But I wasn't in the goat pen!
Where was I?
I was in the mulch pile!

Stop bothering me. I'm busy
Why was I there instead of eating tasty corn?
Because there are APPLES in the mulch pile!

Can't you take a hint?!
The publicist yelled at me to get back in the pen.
She said they were old apples.
She said they were "fermented."
She said I would get tipsy.

I didn't know what this meant.
I just wanted the APPLES.

I love APPLES.
Even more than corn stalks!

But the publicist made me go eat some corn.
I shared with Nora the goat who was very nice to me.

I ate some on my own.

Then I snuck back to the mulch pile.

The publicist found me again and said I needed appleholics anonymous.
Harumph! I told her.


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I don't get anything for telling you about the calendar. I had hoped for some apples but after the publicist's appleholics comment I am not so sure. Tell her I deserve some OK?


  1. That is too funny how much you like those apples!

  2. mmmmmm. Appples. Have you tried pears? Mmmmm.

  3. good goats are those who eat their entire corn stalks without complaining.Spoiled goats wait on their humans to chop them up in bite sized pieces, then pick through them and make a mess.
    We'll just overlook the sneaking-fermented-apples bit.

  4. Hee hee hee! You are just the funniest goat Pricilla! I don't blame you for wanting those apples! My lady likes to drink fermented apple drink! mmmmm! I love those photographs! You've given me some hints as to how to talk to my lady! I have to practice sticking out my tongue though...

  5. Smart goat -- love apples -- corn, second... please do not disturb when eating apples... don't care about after-effects, the ground isn't that far away!

    P.S. to Publicist.. Was in Southern Seasons the other day and saw Goat Soap, etc., Are you one of their vendors?

  6. How funny! I wish I had some corn stalks to give my goats.

  7. You and my human, Pricilla! When she heard that the apples were fermented, she said, "I wonder if that's anything like applejack?" She is a fan of fermented things. Feh. I like my food fresh!

  8. Oh, Pricilla, of course you deserve some apples! I'm not sure she'll give them to you if you keep sticking your tongue out at her though.

  9. Your silly Cilly! Those apples must have been really good!

  10. I'm with you--I'd love the fermented apples too! :) Smart goaty.

  11. Pricilla, you need tell the publicist to get you some good apples so you don't have to eat old ones. You are very funny to keep going back to the apples. Great pictures.


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