Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Trip for the Publicist!

The publicist went on a little trip.
She took Harry to have his pom poms removed.
She also had something called a "mammogram."

She says this is a very important test for humans to have.
October is a good month to have them because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
I am glad that I don't have to have this test.
I don't like tests.

But back to the fun stuff.
On her trip she saw some of my cousins!
My cousins seem to be everywhere.
This time she and the male person saw Bighorn Sheep.

First they saw a herd in a field.
This herd had some rams in it with curly horns.

Click here to biggify

They were far away so it is hard to see the curly horns in the photo.

Then as they were driving they saw this...

More sheep!

Oh no! 

A lamb is crossing the road right in front of traffic!
It made it across OK.

They were able to get really good photos since the sheep were so close to the road.

This herd were ewes and lambs.

Aren't they pretty?
I think so.

Of course they saw them again on the way back.

It looks like they have some yummy grazing on the side of the road but it does not look safe to me.

In fact, this little one looks a bit scared.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my cousins the Bighorn Sheep.
I sure enjoyed showing them to you.


  1. How is everyone recovering from their adventure?

    I did love seeing the local wildlife. We don't have those here, thank goodness. I can't imagine HObbes trying to catch one of those!

  2. That is quite the site. The only wild cousins we have around here are distant cousins called deer. They like to play around the roads too.

  3. Spotting wildlife in the, um, wild, is always so special.

    I love the word biggify, but I couldn't do it to that particular picture.

  4. teddy loves to see wildlife. she wants them in the worst way!

  5. Good for the publicist to get that mammogram. Our Mom is going next week for the same thing since she has breast cancer. But she is doing pretty well.
    Those are terrific pictures of the sheep but I would be so nervous that they were all on the road. It looks like they were just shaved. Take care and have a terrific week end.

  6. How exciting the Publicist got to see your cousins on her trip! The scenery is beautiful too!

    We hope Harry is doing well after having his pom poms removed and that all went well for the publicist too!

  7. My human says that you goats are lucky you don't have to do mammograms - it would not be fun for you! And seeing that lamb in the middle of the road with the car coming made her nervous! She worries about things like that.


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