Monday, October 25, 2010

Today I am a ReviewGoat - Wrought Iron Fireset from

As you all know I have retired from being a milk goat so I needed something to do with my spare time.  I am still a SpokesGoat but I needed something more.

So I am a ReviewGoat. I like to try new things and besides the publicist gives me extra treats for being a ReviewGoat and I like THAT very much.

I told the publicist that I am an old goat and I get a little chilly when I am in my goat house.
I told her I wanted a fireplace.
In my goat house.

I am not a crazy goat.
I just want to be a warm goat.
If I am going to have a fireplace I need a Fireset
A Five Piece Wrought Iron Fireset by Uniflame

I know a good place to get one too -! They have over 200 online stores where you can find just about anything you need for the home and office.

The publicist also needed a fireset - what a coincidence! We can fight over it.
The male person brought it out to my goat house

I looked at him and said you silly man, not this goat house.

But then Mallory had to go and check it out.
This is MY review Mallory, not yours!

Come on, male person. Move that fireset to the big goat house where you are going to build me a fireplace - hint hint.

That's better.
Doesn't it look nice against my beautiful goat house?
Don't you think I deserve a fireplace to keep me warm in the mornings?
I think so.

Hey Abby! Get out of here. This is MY review!
I don't know what it is about these goats.

I am very happy with this fireset. It is very sturdy. The male person has been using it in his house until I get my fireplace built and he told me that he likes it very much. He said that it is easy for him to use and it is very strong.

Now I just have to learn to work it with my hooves.
AND find someone to build me that fireplace.

Any takers?

Disclosure:  The publicist received a gift code to purchase me this fireset from but it's really for her. She did give me some apples to help her with this review. I like apples and they didn't make me say nice things about the fireset. I really did like it. I think it would come in handy for hitting Abby over the head...did I type that?

The publicist will be reviewing another great product from on her blog tomorrow and she will also have a giveaway so maybe YOU could buy a fireset to hit Abby over the head.Then I wouldn't get blamed...

ps:  I know I can't have a fireplace in my goat house. All that hay. But maybe if I work up enough goat gas I won't need one. heh heh 


  1. Ok, that was hilarious how the set was out there!

  2. funny you guys didn't try to eat it!

  3. I'm glad you thought twice about having a fireplace in the goat house, Pricilla! I agree, it would probably burn up all that hay!

  4. I have no use for a fireset here in Florida and I usually don't even read reviews... but this is the funniest review I've ever read! Having the male person drag that thing around and all of you guys sniffing it...

    Man, if I did need a fireset, this would be the one. :)

  5. Pricilla, that is the best review we've ever seen - even if Mallory and Abby kept getting in the way! We're glad you got apples for that because you deserved it!

  6. I have the feeling someone is going to get hit over the head somewhere! That is a very nice review,I wish I had a wood burning fireplace but sadly mine are gas. Maybe you should write a goatie murder mystery book where someone is killed by fireplace tools...well maybe not killed just mysteriously knocked out!

  7. You win the originality award with this one!

  8. What a great post that was. Love the goats giving the fireplace tools the look. Too funny. Goats are curious creatures. But watch out, you just might get hit over the head. We like the idea of a goat mystery. Who hit who over the head??Goat Mania. LOL
    Tale care and have a fun day.


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