Friday, October 1, 2010


This is a very late post.
The publicist has not been feeling well and to top it all off we had a bit of a surprise.

Sarah had her kid!


She was not due for three more weeks.

Sarah is tired.
The publicist is tired.
Even I am tired.

There will be more tomorrow. 
We are going to have a contest to name HIM.
Yes another buckling.


  1. Well, well, well, what a delightful surprise! So sorry you're not feeling well, but at least the little buckling was a bright spot! Get some rest and then come visit when you can...

  2. after everyone has a good rest and is feeling better, let the fun begin!

  3. It looks to me like Sara and your Studmuffin had a secret meeting! Hope everyone is doing fine and the publicist gets to feeling better.

  4. Oh so cool to have another spotted goat to admire. :)

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Best thoughts and wishes for you.

    Been super busy lately... sent your books out a few days ago too.

    Be well!!

  5. Yay another kid! We hope Sarah and the publicist gets rested up and feeling better soon!

  6. I love the arrival of new kids on the farm, but I hate when the publicist does not feel well! Give her a hug for me.

  7. What a lovely surprise! Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Take care and can't wait to see more photos when everyone is feeling better. Congratulations!

  8. Idea! Name him Bouncer! PERFECT for a goatie!

  9. Oh, he is adorable!! Give him a smoochie for me!!

    Please tell the publicist that I hope she is feeling better. I'm kinda worried about her.

  10. Oh no, ANOTHER baby goat? I will have to hide the computer from my human again! Especially since he is exceptionally cute. No wonder the publicist is tired - hope she feels better soon!

  11. Gosh, sorry the publicist isn't feeling well when there is a brand new baby around. Hope everyone feels much better soon. We hope Sara is all right too. Thinking of names.

  12. Hi! Welcome to the world little baby, watch out for the weird goats, namely Isobelle GoLightly. She tries to fly, a lot, I think she may have brain damage! (Joke!)

    Lily and Tay

    P.S. This is Tay, I told Lily not to say that but, you know goats, they are soo weird...

  13. ohhhhhhh! I am so behind on blog reading, I missed the big announcement!

    Congratulations!!! He is adorable!


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