Saturday, October 23, 2010


As you have seen little Brewster likes to hop into the hay feeder.
While there he does eat some hay and explore the feeder...

But he also tries to climb on his nanny.

I am not sure how Sarah feels about this but all of us who have had kids have had kids try to climb on us. You will all remember my hopping Kevin.

Little Brewster was very determined this one day. He was going to climb on Sarah's back
no matter what!

But it was not meant to be...

Poor little Brewster.


  1. Aw. You have to admire his gumption. I have a feeling he'll try again, yes?

  2. It's a good thing kids are resilient. I'm sure he'll try again. You might tell Sara it would be easier for Brewster if she'd lie down.

  3. Aw! He's so cute! I like Millie's suggestion. I was always climbing all over my mama. I'm too big now, although I still try. I thought it was a good idea to use Sarah the horse to hop on yesterday. She did not think it was a good idea. hee hee

  4. You gotta try... keep going, Brewster, you'll make it...

  5. Oh dear Brewster, that didn't work.Too funny falling off of Mom. Next time, get a better foot hold somehow. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Great pictures, that is just too cute! We had a llama once that the goats would try to jump on his back while he was laying down. He would turn around and spit at them.

  7. Poor Brewster! Sarah looks a little vexed too.

  8. nothing like a new baby exploring his world! i can't get my kids off my back....not that i really want to! you can tell my wifi is finally working. i was in computer hell there for a while!

  9. That made us go "awww"! We hope little Brewster didn't get hurt but we're betting he'll try it again!


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