Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Publicist is Making Me Work Hard

I will tell you. I thought when the publicist told me I was going to be retired it meant I was
going to have lots of days like this...

She is really putting me to work.
Seems SHE needs a new pot so I have to do more ReviewGoating for

I better get something good out of this.
Like a whole POT of apples.

Or even better - how about wardrobes full of apples.
Now THAT would be something.
How many apples do you think this one would hold?

Not to mention the fact that it is pine - one of my favorite woods to munch.
It could do double duty - apple holder AND snack all at the same time!

I like this one too. I think it's big enough I can stuff Abby in there and then not have to worry about getting butt all the time.

Just don't tell the publicist I said that, OK? I don't think she'd like that.
But there are times I would really like Abby to disappear. The wardrobe is black. Abby is black. Who would know?

Maybe I should get back to my grazing....

Don't forget that the publicist has a giveaway going on right now for a $65.00 Gift Card to on her blog. You should go and enter!

Disclosure: The publicist gets all the good stuff from my hard work. I get apples. Not that apples aren't good but I don't get the gift card. She does. Gift cards don't taste good. Especially electronic ones - they are invisible and have no taste at all.


  1. Apples are good... and just think if Abby wasn't there to complain about ... what would you do all day?

    I'm home... I wore the tips off my fingers packing crap... You would not believe how much junk can be collected in 60 years!!!!

    I got snowed on the last morning too... HOw dare it snow on me!

  2. you are such a good review goatie. i hope you get lots and lots of apples. at least 65.00 worth!

  3. You are doing very well at your new job! I have to mention that if anything mysteriously happens to might be investigated..

  4. Just act sweet and innocently heartbroken. Attend a psychological therapy counselor. That will help you not get caught. (That, and a solid alibi.)

  5. I can totally see why you would not like egiftcards, Pricilla! Personally I would prefer to be paid in nip and fresh chicken, but I know that apples are more your style.

  6. Those are really nice wardrobes!!!

  7. Another great review Pricilla! You are sure working hard for those apples!

  8. Isn't there a union you can join that would put the publicist in her place and you could focus on retirement grasses... Maybe we should let her know... But, then, again, apples are pretty good pay for just a few words...

  9. Great review Pricilla. Hope you get all those apples, that is for sure. You are working overtime. You might be able to stuff Abby in that black wardrobe. Too funny. Take care and have a good week end.


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