Monday, October 4, 2010

No-Name Comes Down to the Big Pen

It was a big day for little No-Name.
He came down to the big pen.
Of course I wanted to lick him.

You know how much I like to lick little goatlings.

It's because I really, really, REALLY want a goatling of my own.

But I am retired now.
As much as I beg the publicist she says, "NO!"
She says it is for my better health.
That I am too old.
That if I were to get pregnant I could die.

I guess I don't want to die.
But I do like little goatlings.

I MAAAAAAA it to the rooftops!

Sarah was pretty good about me wanting to lick her kid.
I am glad of that.

Little No-Name soon got tired of all the attention.
He just wanted a drink.

Then he went to sleep.
Aaaaah, goatlings!

There are lots of cute names rolling in. Be sure to keep them coming.
You can give your suggestions for what to name No-Name HERE 
The publicist will pick her favorite and will pick a winner for three bars of
my rich soap!


  1. Oh Pricilla, I want you to stay healthy for a looooong time, so it is best you don't have any more bebbehs. Besides, it's more fun to play with other bebbehs and when you get tired of them, they go back to their own mom!

  2. We all want you to be well and healthy, Pricilla! You are a great Grandma to the little fellow and I'm glad Sarah is OK with that. I don't like to share so I'm not sure how tolerant I would be if that was my baby boy!

  3. Oh, he is so adorable!

    We actually once had a cat we called No Name. We couldn't decide and it stuck.

    But Edward is nice too. :)

  4. Oh his black is so shiny, how about Eli, I don't have any idea why that is what came to mind as I looked at him. Have a great week!!

  5. Little Winston,hint hint, is very cute so it is no wonder you want to mother him! Being a grand nanny is a good thing,you can love little Winston,hint hint,LOL and send him back to his momma when you get tired! Plus we all want you to live to be a very old goatie!

  6. We all want you to be healthy. Grandkids are so much fun! And Minnie says you don't have to have kids to still be the top milking nanny!

  7. What a friendly thing to do to make little no-name feel at home. I am, however, glad that we humans don't do the same thing to our friends' babies! Come visit when you can.

  8. We don't want anything to happen to you Pricilla so it's best you just stay retired and be the doting Grandnanny. Little Toby is very cute! :)

  9. It's so hard to not be a mommy, I know! I'm sure you can do plenty of babysitting though!

  10. That Daisy is very right, Pricilla. You can spoil the babbehs and then let them go home to their mommehs. I'm kinda like you--too old for that mommeh stuff.

  11. I'm glad the publicist is looking out for you, Pricilla. And Daisy's right... other goat's goatlings are better because then you can just scoot them back to mommy when they're being baaaaaaaad.

  12. I was spayed at a very young age and never had kittens, so I don't really understand this thing about babies. Pricilla, I can only imagine you are better off kidless!

  13. Pricilla, you probably shouldn't have any more babies. Just train all those other women around there to let you care for the little ones for part of the day. That little No Name sure is cute. Can't wait to see him hoping around.

  14. Pricilla, you can always be a "nanny" goat

  15. What a cute kid, I can see why you want one like him. I bet you were a great mom in your day, now it is time to enjoy other goat's kids. That way when they are bad you can send them back to mom!


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