Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Marion the Goat Meets No-Name

As you know little No-Name is now cavorting in the big goat pen.
This means Marion the goat is no longer the baby in the pen.
I am not sure she is happy about this.

She saw little No-Name and decided to check him out.

She gave him a good sniff.

She even gave hime the goat stomp but the publicist didn't get a photo.
The goat stomp!
To little, tiny No-Name.
That was not nice.
Not nice AT ALL.

So Sarah the goat decided she had better intervene.
Little Marion ran back to her nanny and No-Name was left with his nanny.

All was right in the goat pen.


  1. It is hard when someone younger and smaller shows up in your home.

  2. The goat stomp? Is that goat for "you'd better get your little butt out of here"?

  3. I not easy being the new kid on the playground.

  4. Maybe the goat stomp really means "welcome to Happy Goat Farm". No?

  5. haha...teddy got the goat stomp at the vineyard i sowed on my post today. silly me, i didn't even know goats stomped!

  6. Marion doesn't seem to want to give up being the newest kid on the farm! Glad it all worked out in the end though.

  7. I can't believe how big Marion looks next to Little No Name! I bet he'll be happy to finally get a name.

  8. i would love to see these pictures, but they just don't seem to load. I often have trouble with this on your blog. Any ideas why?

  9. The goat stomp! That was awfully rude of Marion!

  10. Marion, that is just a tiny little baby goat. You shouldn't have given him the goat stomp. We can't believe either how big Marion is now. Take care and have a great day.


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