Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brewster Gets to Explore

Little Brewster was able to escape the publicist for a bit and explore around the Farm a little.
I guess we were all being baaaaad goats this week.

I took him over to where the good grass was growing and he played King of the Hill.

I know I complained about him but he is a cute little guy.
He then took off on his own to see what he could see.

He was very interested in the old weed bush we goats had been eating all summer.
It doesn't have any leaves any longer but he didn't care.

He checked it out.

He even went deep inside the weed bush to see what was there.

You can hardly see him!
The publicist caught up with him after he came out and he then had to go back to the goat pen.  I think he had fun on his first big adventure.


  1. awwwww...cute little brewster. he is keeping the publicist on her toes!

  2. What a grand adventure! We knew you adored your grandkid, even if you were complaining. He's too cute (gets it from grandmaaaaa) not to love!

  3. Uh-oh! Now that Brewster has had a taste of freedom I bet we get more post about escapes!

  4. Already grown so much! You have to shoot daily to keep up. Oh, yes, you have an adventurer, there...

  5. It looks like Brewster had fun exploring! Now post about someone else, oh, maybe Abby, to remind my human that cute little goats grow up to be big (sometimes cantankerous) goats!!!

    I'm trying really hard to have this be a no-goat family.

  6. Looks like a fun adventure for little Brewster! We're with Sparkle though, we need to make sure our mom's keep this a no-goat family but seeing cute little goats does not help our cause!

  7. That Brewster is too cute and has such a good time. We should take lessons from him on how simple little things can make you so happy. He is the best. Happy Halloween to all the goats, cats, chickens and what ever and the beans too.

  8. I think Brewster and Sterling have been talking! Those little stinkers have been discussing finding ways out!


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