Friday, October 8, 2010

AbbyDay - Two Interesting Items of Note

First I want to say that I understand why I did not get my AbbyDay last week.
A new kid is very exciting.
I was not too mad.

I know you all like to look at cute kids instead of the glory of me.

That is OK.
You will learn.

I have noted one interesting thing about this new kid with no name. 
His white splotch looks like a chicken!

Don't you agree?

I think it is funny that a kid born on a Farm with chickens should have a splotch that looks like a chicken.

Maybe I will enter Pricilla's contest and put in the name Rooster.
Heh heh.

But you all should keep entering names to win soap.
The giveaway ends tomorrow!

I have another announcement. 
My friend at the very funny blog, Nanny Goat in Panties has had a 2011 calendar made.
It stars two goats from the Farm!

Sadly she was not smart enough to pick a photo of ME!
I will have to butt talk to her about that.

You can purchase the calendar HERE or you will note a widget on the left side of the blog.
It does star MY studmuffin Luke the goat.
(I don't care what that Pricilla thinks, he is MY studmuffin!)

If you use the code "FALLCALENDAR" you get a 25% discount.
I like discounts. And the holidays are coming. I can think of nothing better than 
giving someone a year of goats. Even if the calendar is not full of photos of ME.

I am calendargoat material FOR SURE!

ps-we here at the Farm get no money from selling this calendar. We are just getting a free calendar because Luke the goat and Harry the goat are starring in it.  It should have been ME!

Nanny Goat in Panties Calendar
Enter PROMO code: FALLCALENDAR and get 25% off.


  1. I think that spot looks like a duck! Maybe he should be called Donald?

  2. You are very observant, Abby! That does look like some kind of farm fowl! Tee hee.

  3. I think it looks like a duck too!

  4. it does look like a duck. you can't call him jamima though.

  5. Abby, you deserve a calendar of you and only you on all 12 months!

  6. If I cross my eyes and close one of them, it does kind of look like a chicken. Maybe...

  7. Abby, you should have an "Every Day's an AbbyDay" calendar.

  8. Abby, have you ever considered doing one of those 365 page-a-day calendars? Then it would be Abby all the time, every day.

  9. You could call No-Name 'Chicky'? Or is that not manly enough for a boy-goat?
    Best wishes,

    Anna's Alphabe-Th-C

  10. I was thinking after you said he had a chicken on his side that well there was his name call him Rooster since he is a boy... then you said maybe you should name him rooster... I so think you should name him Rooster!


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