Saturday, September 4, 2010

What is in the Back of the Male Person's Truck?

The male person took the publicist away from us today.
He does this every now and then.
But so far he has always brought her back.

Today when they came back we noted something in the back of his truck.
Matthew and Mallory were the first to sniff something in the air.

What could it be?!
Matthew thought he would get a closer sniff.

But then Abby came over to see what was in the air.

That did not deter Matthew, oh no!

Up he leapt!

He got a good look and sniff around up there

But Abby maaaaed and down he jumped!

Abby wanted to know what was in the truck too!

She leaned in

a bit further....
What was causing all of this goat fuss?


What else?
The male person then stored it safely away

in the yurt.

He is very good to us.

And we are very glad he brought the publicist back too.


  1. Wouldn't they have preferred to have it stored in their barn? Lucky goats... do they get grain in the summer or do they just get weeds in the summer?

  2. Oh yes,it is getting to be that time of year,time for stocking up good things for winter to keep the goaties happy!

  3. Oh, we always love it when our human brings grain too. Cutie likes to eat the paper tag that sticks off the bottom. I just want the grain.

  4. Oh, you goaties are VERY nosy! I'm just surprised nobody let you sample the grain to make sure it was okay. :(

  5. What a nice male person you have. He brings you grain--yummy grain to eat. And he brings back the publicist to you. He is very good.

  6. I can see what all the fuss was about! Everybody around here gets excited on fresh grain days, too.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Matthew must be part cat with how he can leap up on something so high! The male person is very good to you and it was nice of him to bring home the publicist and the grain!

  8. You goats are so funny - that is just how we act when my human comes home from the pet store!

  9. Our goat, Peepers would have torn that bag right open. You are good goats not to grab those bags but I bet the male person was watching you closely. Glad the male person brought back the publicist.
    Hope all of you have a super Sunday.


Maaaaaa away....


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