Sunday, September 12, 2010

Someone is Looking Fat and Their Udder is Showing

I am one proud nanny.
I am going to be a grandnanny soon.
That's right!
My kid Sarah is going to have kids very soon.

She is really starting to show.

And most telling of all - since this is her first time - her udder is starting to drop.

Just look at that udder!

And look at how plump Sarah has gotten!

Not that she cares for all of this attention. In fact she kept trying to act nonchalent

Well she better get used to it!
The publicist loves to take these unflattering pictures of us when we are pregnant.

This is what Sarah had to say...

I can't say that I blame her.

Her kids are due at the end of October.
It will be fun to have little kids again.
I love being a grandnanny.

Now I am not so sure I will love being a great-grandnanny!
That's right!
When Nora has her kids next spring she will make me a great grandnanny.
Can I really be that old?


  1. Oooh, how exciting! Congratulations to nanny and grandnanny alike!

  2. Congratulations! It looks like she will certainly be a good milker (bet she gets that from you). I became a great-grandnanny this spring, and they are just as cute as grandkids! I'm sure you'll love that too.

  3. Hope you have a warm November.. Or Sarah and the kids will have to move into the Yurt!

  4. maybe halloween goats? i am glad that i am past my pregnancy years because i would not come near the publicist if i were pregnant!!!

  5. Can't wait to see more kids!

    Hope The Publicist is feeling better today.

  6. Baby goat kids are the cutest. Can't wait to see the newest ones. And Pricilla, you look great for your age -- us old ladies have to stick together!

  7. Priscilla, you will be very proud!

  8. congrats on your new grandkids to be! I hate unflattering pics...but I think those of Sarah are great! :)

  9. Oh, I LOVE me some new baby goats!!!

    I'm glad the publicist doesn't live around here because she doesn't take such flattering photos. ;0

  10. Congratulations to Sarah! How exciting to have more baby goats on the farm!

    Pricilla, you don't look old enough to be a great-grandnanny!

    Hope the publicist is feeling better!

  11. New kids are the best, we have one here you know as of today! Yep gotta love a newborn kid :O)...

    and girly I hate to tell ya but the getting older thingy. No way to stop it, seems to happen to us all. sighhhh

  12. I think anybody would look like that if somebody (are you listening, publicist?) was taking pictures of their udder... There must be another way to share your joy... come stay with me until she returns to normal...

  13. Oh no, I am going to have to hide the computer from my human again because she goes NUTS over baby goats! Congratulations on being a grandnanny!

    (What IS it with humans and their penchant for taking unflattering photos? They think it's funny, and trust me, if it were them getting photographed, they would not be amused.)

  14. congrats!!! More babies!!! Whatever will the publicist do? She seems to like to keep them all.

  15. Oh goody, I love seeing the pictures of the little babies getting in trouble. Pricilla, you aren't getting old, your kidlets are just getting a little older and having kids and the kids are having kids. It will be fun. We can't wait.

  16. My, those are some pictures!

    Congratulations to grandmom, mom, and the publicist!

  17. Oh my word, everyone is growing up too quickly over there!


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