Monday, September 13, 2010

Somegoat is Exhibiting Less Thank Ladylike Behavior

I pride myself on being a ladylike goat.
My behavior around my studmuffin notwithstanding...

But somegoat on this Farm has gone all animal!
Can you imagine such a thing?
It is true.

Who you ask?
What did somegoat do, you want to know?
Well, even though it breaks my heart I will tell you.

My studmuffin was minding his own business in his pen when somegoat went over there and
wiggled her tail at him.

What was he to do?
Such blatant behavior!

Well he did what bucks will do even though there was a fence between them.
Oh Luke why do you hurt me this way?
And now somegoat may have kids in February!

A very baaaaad month to have kids in Montana.
What goat you ask?
Who was this brazen?

Who else?


  1. uh oh! Naughty Abby! I think she wants to be in the warm house this winter and have children in there!

  2. through the fence! now that's a new move! maybe you need barbed wite.

  3. My goodness, that Abby is a tart, isn't she?

  4. well of course it was Abby. I knew it!

  5. Through the fence?! Really?! I didn't know that could happen! I better be careful when I wag my tail around here!
    --Lucky Nickel--

  6. Are you trying to tell us that Abby is a little bit of a floozy? It takes 2 to tango, especially when there is a fence between them. I am trying to picture this going on through a fence and it is not a pretty visual. If Abby has kids, will the publicist have to take them into the house?

  7. Very bad Abby. February babies are not good. That's why my ears are so short.

  8. An Abby's gotta do what an Abby's got to do... you got an itch, you scratch it... maybe you should be paying a little more attention to studmuffin, yourself, Missie... hmmm?... through the fence? now, that's a studmuffin...

  9. Uh oh! Pricilla already doesn't like you much Abby, and this is not the best way to get on her good side. Something tells me you did this just in spite of her...

  10. Oh yes, through the fence happens! We have a strapping young buck running around here now, who was a product of just such a thing. One of our nannies was just suddenly pregnant, having never been visited by the bucks on the other side of the fence. Ooops.

  11. I think Isobelle has it right. That goat wasn't just hoping for a roll in the hay, which she clearly got from that last picture! She's hoping to have warm quarters for the winter.

  12. Through the fence? Now that is fairly impressive.

  13. Abby, you naughty girl! We're just glad no one got, uhm, stuck in the fence.

  14. Uh oh... How unladylike, indeed! Your studmuffin just can't be trusted. Clearly.

  15. Through the fence? Abby, you are far too forward for your own good!

  16. She's just trying to steal the spotlight the Jezebel!

  17. Abby, you bad bad girl. Now you are going to have kids when it is freezing cold. Yuck. Guess they will have to figure out some way to keep the youngins warm because of your urges. Sure hope they are cute.


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