Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So, What WAS in the Bag?

Yesterday I showed you Farm kitten Harry hiding in a bag.
Farm cat Sherpa was telling him that the bag was not for Harry.

Was it for Sherpa perhaps?

Harry didn't think so!

The bag was not for Farm cats at all!
It was for CORN!
The male person filled it with the last of the corn harvest.
He brought it in to help the publicist shuck the corn.

Sherpa helped too.
A lot, apparently.

Sherpa then inspected the corn to make sure they were A-OK.

I told you what was in the bag would lead to a treat for us goats.
WE got the corn husks!
They were - burp - delicious!


  1. They are so funny!! My one cat disdains cat-like behavior and goes straight for demonic, but my other guy is classic. Loves bags and boxes and turns into an instant kitten around both.

  2. Corn, yummmmmy ...sighhhh I miss corn. Out of all the foods I had to give up corn was/is the hardest. Did I mention I LOVE corn.

  3. MMMMM more treats!!!!!! Yummy! Those kitties are very cute, although I wouldn't want them getting their kittiness into my corn! Tee hee.

  4. Yummy corn! Lucky goats! And Sherpa is quite the helper, isn't he? ;o) Thank you for hosting my entrecard ad.

  5. Yay, corn! I never would have guessed that...

  6. Yummy corn for you and fun bags for the kitties! Sounds like everyone was happy!

    PeeS: Sherpa did a really good job helping with the corn!

  7. Sherpa certainly looks like good help. I'm glad you all got the husks!

  8. Cats are such good helpers. Hee hee

  9. You know, your humans would never have finished the job and gotten those corn husks off to you goats if Sherpa and Harry hadn't been on the job helping. I hope you thanked them accordingly.

  10. Glad you kitties helped with that corn. I sure guessed wrong. Glad you goaties got the husks. You goats sure do get a lot of treats. Peepers, our goat here would like very much to move there please.


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