Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Question Answered

As I am sure you are aware the Farm cats live a rough life around these parts.
I was asked how they sleep.
If they manage to find somewhere safe to bed down at night.

I will be honest...
They do not have a warm barn to go into every night like we goats do.
They do not have nice hay to rest on.

They are forced to sleep in horrible conditions!
It is deplorable.
Just look for yourself.

Poor Sherpa...

Look how uncomfortable Stinky is...

And Harry?

Harry has to sleep in the publicist's sweater drawer.

Can you imagine such a thing?
The horror.

Poor Pumpkin could not even be found. I think he was too depressed in his sleeping place.
The publicist mentioned something about the box with the sleeping bags.

Those poor, poor Farm cats.


  1. Now I want to sleep in the sweater drawer!

  2. Ooooh, the sweater drawer! Gees, if I could fit, I'd be crawling in there myself! Poor kitties.

  3. Oh yes I can see just what you mean, those poor kitties... not lol..

  4. Ok cat lady. YOu have 3 cats now. Do you need an intervention before that turns into 30. I think you need to adopt me instead. I could use a nap in the sun right now.

  5. is the publicist slowly becoming the crazy cat lady?

  6. Pricilla, you might want to give the sweater drawer a chance. It looks very comfortable.

  7. Wow- they sound as mistreated as my cats :)

  8. Oh ...terrible...something should really be done about those conditions...!

  9. I need my own sweater drawer to sleep in too. Gosh. Those cats are abused. I think I may have to turn you all in to the Montana SPCA!!

  10. It's such a shame! No nice clean hay and fresh air... thank you for pointing out how abusive the publicist is. I'm sure she'll thank you.

  11. OH the horror of it all!! Just horrible conditions.... LOL

  12. Those poor kitties! They all look just so uncomfortable and unhappy sleeping inside in the sunlight or on the bed or in a sweater drawer of all places! Dreadful!

  13. Those "poor" cats remind me of my "poor" cats. They love to sleep in the clothes hamper. Drives me nuts.

  14. The horror of it! I can't imagine having to sleep in a sweater drawer.

  15. Oh Pricilla, you are so right - those conditions are deplorable. Each of them needs their own king sized bed. Otherwise it is nearly cruelty!

  16. oh yes, you do have some poor poor cats there. I mean, the conditions!

  17. You silly goats are just jealous. Bet you would like to climb up into that sweater drawer and take a nap. We all know how much goats like to take naps and love to make beds. Think how much fun the publicists bed would be. Just saying.

  18. That is too cute! I'd give up my bed for any of those spots!

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  19. My cat used to sleep in the sweater drawer too!


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