Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marion Entertains Us

That little Marion!
She thinks she is some kind of goat star.

She is always looking to be the center of attention.
Ok, Ok, I know she is cute.
And she is the baby of the Farm.
This automatically makes her the center of attention.
(Abby would strongly disagree!)
But she goes and does things like this...

Yes, she jumps up on anything she can and MAAAAAAAS in the loudest voice ever heard on this Farm
Until everygoat (and human and cat and chicken) is looking at her.
 Then satisfied that she has been noticed.
She calmly jumps down and goes about her business.
Silly Marion!


  1. I know some people like that, but they're nowhere near as cute and entertaining as Marion.

  2. Marion, you are definitely very, very cute!

  3. she is cute and not bashful about everyone knowing it.

  4. The kids at our farm is full of energy! I Love it! Marian is a cutie!

  5. Must be something about little black girl goaties,our Lola is the same way, a very,very loud DIVA!

  6. Aw! Marion is practicing for her big turn in the spotlight. She knows she's a talented and adorable goatlet, and one day, Hollywood agents will be coming to the farm. And she will be ready!

  7. how can Marion NOT be entertaining...look who she is living with. A bunch of star-goats!

  8. If I was that cute, I might act the same way ... but I'd be ascared of the wrath of Abby!

  9. We like to be noticed too but we aren't as good at it as Marion is! She's a cutie pie!

  10. You GO, Marion!! I like your "look at me" attitude! ;)

  11. She's a Diva in training! Perhaps she'll become a famous movie goat!

  12. What can I say? The girl has star quality.

  13. Marion, we thought you were cute before you stood on that wire, but that tops everything. You are something else. Keep up the good work around there. You sure are entertaining everyone.
    Have a super week end.


Maaaaaa away....


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