Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Goats

Instead of AbbyDay today I am going to show you lots of pictures.
Why you ask?
Because the publicist is often asked how she knows we are Happy Goats.

I think these photos of us eating our corn husks, up close and personal show how happy we are.
We got to eat them by the river.
We each got our own pile of husks.
And we know there are more to come.
Wouldn't YOU be a happy goat?

First, Abby...

Then Nora. She loves to eat!

Sarah is eating for two or maybe three!

Mallory is ALWAYS eating!

Do you think Matthew could fit any more in his mouth?

And little Marion has learned to love corn husks. That makes all of us happy!

And ME!

Now tell me, have you ever seen happier goats?
I know I have never been happier.
I love my Farm. And corn husks!

AbbyDay will be back next week.


  1. Mmmmmm! Now I'm hungry! I love your photograph Pricilla! Very CUTE!

  2. Very happy goaties indeed! I think you look the happiest of all Pricilla!

  3. Nom nom nom...who knew corn husks could taste so good?! And here all this time I've been tossing them on the compost pile...

  4. You all are the happiest goats we've ever seen! The kitties on your farm always look happy too!

  5. hahaha.....are you sure matthew is not a pig?

  6. Being happy is such a good thing! I'll take my corn husks in chocolate, please.

  7. Yep happy goats... right now here, the goats all have pear skins, cores and ends they are most happy too :O), well okay other than the um butting that always has to go on when food is involved sighhhhh

  8. What a fascinating creature you are. And Matthew, I must say that beard is very distinguished!

  9. Oh dear, is that Mallory with the facial hair? A bearded lady goat, most curious!

  10. Certainly very happy goats! All those corn husks would make me happy.

  11. They are the happiest goats ever!

  12. You guys are definitely happy! The only thing that would make me that happy would probably be some freeze dried lamb treats!

  13. We love seeing happy goats or any happy animals.Could you please pass some of those corn husks over to us. They looks yummy.
    Hope all of you have a wonderful labot day Weekend.


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