Sunday, September 26, 2010

Carrots - Are They Good for Goat Eyes Too?

The publicist came into our pen with this:

Needless to say we were very excited goats!
Whether carrots are good for our eyes I do not know.
I do know they are good for our stomachs!

Of course Mallory the bullygoat was first in line.

She does look happy with her carrot.
Marion was not sure about carrots.

She has only had carrot TOPS not carrots. You can see that Mallory was ready to munch that carrot if Marion did not!

Matthew had no trouble deciding whether to eat HIS carrots!

He butt right in and ate quite a few.
I'm surprised the publicist still has 10 fingers.
Nor did Abby. 

I, of course nommed mine right up.

I do loves me some carrots.

More, more, more!

Nora was her usual shy self.
She will not eat food from the publicist's - or anyone else's - hands.

So the publicist put her carrots on the ground for her.

She did enjoy them...
So did Sarah.

She is, after all eating for two or maybe three!
Even after watching us all eat the tasty carrots little Marion was still not sure.

Oh well, that meant more for us!
You will be shocked to learn that my studmuffin does not like carrots!
So he did not get a treat today.

Are our eyes any stronger? I do not know.
Our stomachs are full and happy. That I DO know.

It really is a wonderful time of year. We get so many delicious treats.
The publicist and male person have so many nice friends to think of us this way.


  1. I'm glad you're teaching me about goats also...that way we will be prepared when we get ours in about a month!!! Thanks Pricilla (and publicist)

  2. A yummy carrot party! I have found that goats are just like people in that they have different taste,some like some things to eat and some don't.They all love grain though,that is unanimous!!!

  3. Carrots sound very tasty. I'm glad you have such a nice publicist to give you treats! Too bad a couple more didn't like carrots. Then you'd have even better eyes and fuller stomachs.

  4. those are some BIG carrots! funny that luke doesn't like them?

  5. Those are realy big carrots and they do look yummy! Luke and Marion don't know what they're missing!

  6. Yummy looking carrots... yum... carrots...

  7. You goats eat better than me!!! :0

  8. Carrots... another thing you goats are passionate about (well, most of you) that this kitty does not get. One kind of cat food that my human tries to foist on me has bits of carrot in it. I won't eat it. And if I manage to reluctantly nibble at it, I usually leave as much carrot behind as possible.

  9. I'm with Jaz -- those are some very BIG carrots... So glad you were able to enjoy them... have a great day... come visit when you can...

  10. Wow look at all the carrots! Yummers... Our goaties are like you guys some will eat some things some wont. Except Nilla Wafers, everyone loves Nilla Wafers. Well the little ones don't eat those either. Seems they are a adult taste. :O)

  11. Oh my those carrots look so yummy. What lucky goats you are. Marion just needs to learn to eat those wonderful carrots.The silly donkeys here dont eat carrots either. They are just silly. Have a great week.


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