Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Cabbage Stump Diet

I know that some of you humans go on something called the cabbage soup diet.
I cannot understand this.
Why cook the cabbage?
It is best when it is raw and a little bit old.

A friend of the male person sent us some cabbage stumps.
Now this is MY kind of diet!

The publicist made sure to throw them all over our pen since we don't share very nicely.
This did not stop Mallory from trying to eat all of them any way. She ran from stump to stump and tried to keep us away. But she could only be on one stump at a time.

Ha ha to Mallory!

Matthew ate his up on the spool.

He seems to like dining above everyone.

This was little Marion's first taste of cabbage.

I think she liked it!

Nora also was experiencing it for the first time.
She was cautious at first but ended up chowing down like the rest of us.

Of course Abby got some too.

It wouldn't be an eating post without Abby!

I really enjoyed my cabbage!

Oh, excuse me!

My studmuffin enjoyed his too.

I'm glad that the publicist doesn't forget him.

He's so cute.
Even if he does flirt with the other goats.


  1. It looks like a wonderful goatie picnic!

  2. Does it taste bitter? And does it give that StudMuffin sweet breath for goat kisses??? Uh oh, maybe I'm getting too personal here. :0

  3. I see those chickens trying to get in there to get some cabbage! Doesn't all that cabbage give you toots in the hind end? Tee hee.

  4. Looks like the all-you-can-eat salad bar!

  5. We do both, cook and uncooked, but we don't have all that air around us to absorb the gaseous eruptions and cooking will at least reduce them whilst we enjoy our guests... but, you're right, nothing tastes better than raw cabbage -- unless, it's more... come visit when you can...

  6. I prefer my cabbage raw too! Not sure why anyone would want to cook it... actually I think that about most veggies!

  7. I love my cabbage roasted in a casserole. Granny used to stuff a turkey with it, mixed with a touch of rice.
    I am glad I am not the only one who has to spread food all over the pen to keep you goats from killing each other over a leaf of something.

  8. No one could forget about Luke! He's such a studmuffin! We're glad everyone enjoyed their cabbage stumps and it looks like the roosters wanted some too.

  9. What a great treat! So glad the publicist treats you all so well.

  10. You guys are so good, ya'll eat everything! My goaties won't eat everything I give them. sighhhh

  11. Wow. I had no idea even that cabbage was food!

  12. Gosh, looks like you goats are enjoying that cabbage. We sure are glad that Daddy goat got some too. He is very important to this operation. Marion we are so glad that you seem to like the new great food. You are such lucky goats to get all the great food that you get.


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