Saturday, September 18, 2010

ApplePalooza Part II

Yesterday Abby stole the show.
But today I will show you how the rest of us enjoyed our apples!

You will recall that the publicist came in with a nice tray of apples.

Of course the first to erm, greet her were Mallory and Matthew.
They sure are piggy goats!

But I suppose they deserve some tasty apple too. Although the publicist had better count her fingers....

Then the publicist tried to interest Nora in some apple but she didn't want any.

Can you imagine such a thing?! 

Not wanting delicious apple?
I don't understand this. 
 Little Marion didn't want any either!

Hey, I'll take some!


Sarah was very excited to get some apple.

She even jumped up on the spool so she didn't have to fight Mallory and Matthew for it.

Of course I got my chance at the treat. 

And I wanted more, more, more.

I would take Nora's share since she didn't want any.
That's fair, isn't it?



  1. I think it's very fair for you to get Nora's. It does look like there were plenty of apples for all. Lucky you!!!

  2. WOW, she even cuts them up for you. I thought I pampered my pets. My poor horses get their apples whole. Glad you all are enjoying your treats

  3. I've been enjoying read about your recent feasts of apples and cabbages. You sure are some lucky goats -- and you eat better than I do!

  4. What is with those two??? Finicky goats??? No such thing!

    I can't wait to see what the publicist makes with all of those apples. :) YUM!

  5. Apple slices make such tasty treats. I like them too.

  6. I think the publicist enjoys giving you apples about as much as you enjoy eating them!

  7. Was that a silver platter those apples were on? I am betting it was!

  8. We think you should get Nora's share if she didn't want it. It was nice of the publicist to make sure everygoat that wanted some apples got some. You live on a very nice farm Pricilla!

  9. I don't think you are spoiled. She didn't even offer caramel dip or peanut butter with the slices!

  10. Well ya you should get Nora's share since she didn't want them.. yep that seems fair to me :O)

  11. A goat who will turn down an apple is a goat to be watched!... silly goat... come visit when you can...

  12. What?! There are picky goats who don't eat everything put in front of them? Wow, another myth gone down the drain!

    You, of course, deserve to take Nora's share, Pricilla.

  13. the apples look good, but I am more envious of the publicist's long sleeve shirt and long pants. Here we are in the high 90s still and no sign of fall whatsoever. Strike!!!


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