Friday, September 10, 2010

AbbyDay - Why Won't the Rain Go Away?

This is Abby and I just want to maaa that I am tired of the rain.
I know the other goats have complained before but this is MY day and if I want to complain I can.

It has been raining all week.
We come out of the barn.
We get settled.
It rains.
Then this starts.

The publicist comes out of the yurt and we all peak out of where we are hiding.

Can it be?

Are we going to the barn?


We are going to the barn.

Hurry, hurry. Early grain. Early grain.

The stragglers....

Luke is the last one in!

What do you mean you are leaving us here?

Then we stay in the barn all day unless the rain stops.
Of course if it is raining we won't leave the barn anyway.
Not that we are fussy goats or anything like that......


  1. All that rain really seems to be interfering with your routine! Hopefully it stops soon.

  2. I love how they all take off running when they know they are going to the"place of grain"!!!

  3. You can send the rain here!:O)... We did just get some, but not near enough!

  4. at least you have a barn to sit in. Here at Sunset Pines the goats hide in the goat house when it rains.
    No barn yet.
    Hopefully soon.

  5. I like the picture where everyone is in line to go to the barn! :)

  6. We hope your rain goes away soon so you can come out of the barn again. We like seeing you file in formation to head to the barn. We're wondering if Luke ran and jumped all the way too!

  7. You have my sympathies. I know how not fun all that rain is. Hope the sun shines soon for you.

  8. Like you are all gonna melt????! Sheesh.

  9. I think you should have a house to be in when it rains, not just some barn. That's what we cats get!

  10. We like going in the barn when it rains. But Mom keeps our door open all the time with the hay and grain locked up. We hate the rain.
    Have a terrific week end.

  11. I know just what this looks like for real. :) Gave me a little replay in my head.

    I was thinking that rooster looked like he was in trouble for a moment. But roosters need a little bossing around every once in a while.


Maaaaaa away....


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