Friday, September 24, 2010

AbbyDay - Abby Says Adopt a Hard to Adopt Pet

It's AbbyDay and today I am going to share some disturbing news with you.
Did you know that there are lots of poor animals in shelters that don't have a home?
Did you know that most of these animals are older dogs and cats?

Well, I am telling you that this is true.

And I am Abbygoat so you know I don't lie!

These loving dogs and cats are looking for their forever home.

If you are looking for a great pet the best place to look is at a shelter.
You can see we have a widget on our blog where you can go see the wonderful pets available for adoption all around the country.
Just click on the widget and you can learn all about some "hard to adopt" pets.

Click on the widget NOW!

These are the older pets or pets with maybe some problems.
Don't rule them out. They are still full of love.

Just like me.
I'm full of love....for Abby.


  1. Oh, Abby, you are such a good goatie to help homeless cats and dogs. I want to give you a big hug!

  2. That's so nice of you, Abby, to let us all know about the dogs and cats that need help!! We love old dogs and old cats!

  3. It's so nice of you to share this with everyone. We already have a geriatric unit here on the farm, but all the human's cats and dogs have been rescues.

  4. Whether you admit it or not, Abby, you are full of love. You didn't have to mention adopting these "hard to adopt" pets, but you did.

    Have a fabulous weekend Abby!

  5. Dear Abby,

    Thank you for mentioning shelter dogs and cats. BUT you forgot us bunnies. My mom adopted me from a shelter and I am so thankful she did.


    Cocoa, the bunny

  6. Wow Abby, that was downright nice of you. You're not going to spontaneously combust or anything are you?

    But I did want to say thank you. One of our fur-footed children had a lot of problems when she was a puppy and would have been (cover your ears) put down if we had not taken her. There were challenges but she is much better now, tho' she still has certain 'personality quirks' (I'm sure you understand this Abby) but she loves us and deserved a chance. SO THANKS FOR SPREADING THE WORD!

  7. Abby, that is very nice of you to remind everyone to adopt senior and special needs pets! We know people will listen to you!

  8. You tell em Abby! Our last two dogs have been Rescue boxers and any dogs we get in the future will be rescue dogs! What a nice post you made!

  9. I love your message today, Abby!

  10. Oh Abby, what a wonderful post! Fortunately here the shelter is a no kill shelter and the animals all have a place to stay until they find their furever home. Not all the shelter animals are so lucky. Please adopt a shelter animal the next time you add a companion to your home! And the less adoptable animals provide just as much love as the adorable cute young ones. Nobody wants to adopt a black cat (can you imagine that Abby? that people wouldn't like you because you're black?!) At the shelter here we have 17 black cats in residence either at the shelter or in foster homes. Black cats need loving, too. Okay, I'll step down off my soapbox now. Thank you Abby!!


Maaaaaa away....


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