Sunday, August 22, 2010


Someone sent us goats a bucket of treats!
How exciting is that?
They have an apple tree and they sent us the windfall apples.

Mmmm, apples!
We goats love apples.
And there are rumors of corn husks under the apples.
Mmmm, corn husks.

We are the luckiest goats in the world!
Thank you nice people.
We appreciate your sending us such yummy things to eat.


  1. Mmmmm I guess if I was a goat that would look yummy, but since I'm a human...I prefer Romain lettuce, cucumber and radishes!

  2. I hope you enjoy your delicious treats!

  3. I know you are happy goaties for sure! Winter is just around the corner....time to think about "bulking up" for that cold weather you all get up there!

  4. I have pears, but not for goaties... sorry. I hope to get some dried.

  5. mmmmm! Yummy! I'm going to ask my lady to get us some treats! We haven't even had any peppermints for awhile because of the cost of everything. That darned horse, Number, eats a lot and needs lots of supplements. If I bumped him off I could have treats every day! Now, that's a thought! Tee hee.

  6. You most definitely are very lucky goats and, apparently, highly thought of by your neighbors... or, they just need to get rid of the windfall (don't want you getting airs, you know)... enjoy and I hope you discover that there are some corn husks hiding under the applies... that would be wonderful... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  7. Windfall apples and corn? Life is good.

  8. I am sure from a goat's point of view, those look delicious! Enjoy.

  9. somebody sure was nice to think of you! i bet you gobbled that down fast!

  10. We hope everyone got to share in those yummy goat treats!

  11. I have to say, if I were a goat, I would be over the moon about these treats!

  12. lovely friends you have!!!
    We are offering corn husks to our goats too, but there are too many other treats in their field, so for now they are pretending not to see them.

  13. What lucky goats you are to have all those treats. So who was first with their cute little noses in there??
    Have a great time eating all those treats.


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