Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sherpa the Farm Cat Grazes (?)!

Sherpa the Farm cat is hard to keep inside any more. 
He runs out the door almost tripping the publicist in the process.
She has given up. He is such a big boy now she does not feel the eagle is going to fly away with him.
He stays close to the yurt.
There is not much she can do.
She sighs a lot.

He seems to like the grass as much as we do.
I am not sure I like this competition.
We goats are supposed to be the ones eating the grass around here.

Just look at this!
He sniffs...

He bites down...

He looks like he is smiling while he eats MY grass.

I am going to talk to the publicist about this.
Just what am I going to eat if this cat is munching all the good greens.?


  1. I can't blame the cat for wanting to be outside where all of the fun takes place..... :D

  2. I wouldn't worry too much. I imagine he only eats a little. More like a garnish than a main course.

  3. It is very difficult to keep a kitty in the house. Well, I've found that anyway--especially with two kids running in and out of the door all the time. My vet gets mad that I let the kitties outside, but I watch them carefully. It's the best we can do here without driving ourselves crazy.

    Stay safe, Sherpa! Come in the house at night so that you are safe.

    I hope you goats will protect him from harm.

  4. Indoor-outdoor cats are actually MORE healthy than indoor cats- it's their natural environment, and they have more stimulus, so they get more exercise!

  5. Sherpa is so cute! Harley likes to eat grass, too. But his is grown in a little tub. I do not like grass.

  6. Sherpa is just like any normal kitty! We eat grass too. Well, actually we don't graze, we just take in enough to help our tummies from all the hair we swallow when we groom!
    Sara Cat

  7. Kitties like to eat a little grass too. I bet he promises not to eat too much. Good for Sharpa to escape for a short trip. Bet he had fun.

  8. Sherpa has learned a lot from watching you goats grazing on the grass! We have grass in a planter inside since we're not allowed to go outside.

    Angel & Isabella

  9. He probably won't eat very much

  10. He does look so happy. I don't think he'll eat it all.

  11. yes, same problem here on Sunset Pines. When you figure out a way to deal with your cat,let my human know we can deal with our farm cats.
    The Goats of Sunset Pines


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