Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sarah and Nora

Sometimes I am a very baaaad reporter.
I forget to tell you about some of the goats on the Farm.
It is not because I don't like them, it is mostly because they are good goats and don't cause any problems.

Sarah and Nora just run and play with the herd and they don't butt me out of the way like Mallory.
They aren't a cute little kid like Marion.
And they aren't Abby. NO goat is Abby.

Sarah will be getting more time on the blog when she has her kids in October but I thought it would be nice to write about them today.

After i enjoyed my carrot tops the publicist let the other goats have some too.
This was the very first time that Sarah and Nora had ever had carrot tops!

Sarah gave them a bit of a sniff 

Then she dug right in!

Nora found that she liked them very much too!

They each had their own special pile so there was no butting!

Nora is a bit shy around the camera so it is hard for the publicist to get a good shot.

Although I have to admit it is hard to look good with your mouth full of food.

Carrot tops are quite yummy as I am sure you have all figured out.


  1. I'm glad everygoat gets their own pile of carrot tops!

  2. I want my lady to plant carrots next year! mmmmmmmmmm! I want the whole carrot though...not just the tops. Hee hee

  3. I think it's quite cute how shy Nora is!

  4. The perfect goatie family meal...carrot tops!

  5. How nice of you to give some blog-time to Sarah & Nora. You really are a good goat!

  6. Good thing for you that the humans don't care for them so much!

  7. Somehow I have the same problem on camera... I need some modeling lessons for sure.

    I hope everyone enjoys their carrot tops!! Good day to you goaty-goats!

  8. As a redhead, and someone who was called "carrot top" for most of middle school, this got me thinking. I don't have green hair. What's up with that?

    They do look yummy, for a goat.

  9. You are a very lucky family of goats with a wonderful publicist... I hope you let her know that, on occasion... I'm sure you do, but I'm just sayin'...

  10. yay for carrot tops! here at Sunset Pines the humans will be chopping down corn stalks and letting us goats decide if they are fit to eat.

  11. Sarah and Nora are both very pretty goats! We're glad they got their own pile of carrot tops too and we're really excited for more kids in October!

  12. Sarah and Nora both look like very nice goats. I'm glad not everyone there is Abby. Those carrot tops do luck awfully good.

  13. Of course Nora is not that good with the camera - she is not a spokesgoat like you, Pricilla! I'm sure she - and Sarah - will improve with time and practice, although they probably won't come up to your high standards.

  14. So good to meet Nora and Sarah. Glad they got some of those good carrot tops. Can't wait to see the new babies.
    Have a great week end.


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