Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Publicist is Very Busy

The publicist has been very busy with produce from the garden.
This means she has not been spending much time with us goats.
Can you imagine such a thing?

On the other hand we are getting lots of yummy treats.
Like carrot tops.
Mmmm, carrot tops.

I will have lots more photos to show you.
The publicist hasn't had time to let me use the computer so you will have to settle for this one...

I love carrot tops!


  1. Oh, it's harvest season at the farm! Whatcha making???

  2. I think I need to give up on design and become a farmer. Specifically a goat farmer...hmmm wait a minute. Your pics always look entertaining, but I think I may need to become a goat and not a farmer, they are the ones that seem to have the best life!

  3. I agree with Amanda -- being a goat at the Happy Goat Farm would be The Life!

  4. Carrots tops are good!

    I know just how busy the publicist is! When the produce is ready you have to get on it!

  5. It does look delicious! At least the Publicist makes up for her lack of time to spend with you with treats...

  6. Those carrot tops do look good. Do you ever get the actual carrot too?

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous. Our human's carrots didn't grow. Will you send me some of your carrot tops?????

  8. No carrots or carrot tops for me. But I'm sure you don't care, Pricilla, because that only means there are more for you!

  9. Pricilla, it looks like you have every carrot top from the garden in your mouth. Did anyone else get any??/
    Hope all of you have a great day. Baa to Marion.

  10. It looks like you are enjoying the produce remainders. It sounds like it is worth a little less attention to get all those yummy treats. And once everything is finished, I am sure the publicist will be back and focused exclusively on you.


Maaaaaa away....


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