Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marion Shows You the Best Way to Eat Hay

Marion the goat seems to think SHE knows the best way to eat hay.

She is only a kid!
How could she possibly know the best way to eat hay?
How could she know better than the rest of us goats?

Harumph I say, Harumph!

But so as not to seem like an old goat who can't learn new tricks I will watch.
With my back turned.... 

As Marion the Goat demonstrates this supposedly great technique.
So here she is 

I know...she is cute. 
But that has nothing to do with eating hay!

Oh Wow! She does get right in that feeder, doesn't she?

She is buried in the hay!

I don't think big goats can do that though. Our heads won't fit!
This is hay eating for kids.
Hmmmmm, maybe that is the whole plot plan.

Do you trust that face?
She does look like she enjoyed her hay....


  1. Marion is so adorable! I think she came up with a good hay-eating plan!

  2. Oooh! She's getting all the good niblets from inside the flake of hay! I don't think I'd be very nice and I'd butt her out of the way. I'm kind of greedy (my lady says). Marion sure is cute though. If she wasn't stealing hay from me I'd probably give her a kiss.

  3. It's fun to see her up close like that! She's a cute little girl.

  4. Tongue licking good it seems! I sure like Marion's color :O).

    We have new kids!

  5. She is a master at that hay eating -- and she's adorable!

  6. A 21st Century kid with a problem-solving brain... you go, girl, get those tasty bits... might as well as enjoy the best while you still have your shape -- and, omg, I LOVE your ears!... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  7. She does have a great hay eating plan and also a very adorable face!

  8. yep, Tardy had this method perfected...until he got too big to fit between the slots!

  9. It does look like she is enjoying that yummy-looking hay. I bet if you stuck your tongue out really far, you could get some of the good inside yummy stuff.

  10. You can teach an old goat new tricks, but you can't make them fit! (Sorry, Pricilla!!)

  11. Oh Marion you are so darn cute and smart too. You get right in there and get that good hay. Don't let anyone push you around. Good job.
    Have a great week end all you goats.


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