Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mallory and Her Family Hog the Treats. And Abby Too

The male person was nice enough to give us some brussels sprout leaves.
Ooooh, I was looking forward to tasting them.

You will never guess what happened!
Mallory and her family and mean Abby hogged all the treats!
It is true!
I have the photos.

First Abby hopped up on the spool to check them out.

She didn't even let little Marion have a sniff.

Then Mallory got into the act.
Oh boy! She just butt everyone out of the way and kept all of the leaves for herself!
Piggie goat!

She did enjoy them though.
I wonder what they tasted like?

Little Marion wondered too.

Not that Mallory shared with her.

Marion kept hopping on her nanny to ask for some but did she get any?

She finally had to hop on a spool to get some.

Poor little kid!

Matthew had his fair share.

And so did the rooster!

What about the rest of us goats?
What is up with this?
Inquiring goats want to know.


  1. Well that just hardly seemed fair! You are the Queen goat after all!

  2. I know it's hard to share a glorious piece of pie...but in the end I do. :D It must be equivalent to brussel sprout leaves. :D

  3. All I can say is that those leaves must make a superb snack!

  4. Looks like you have to move fast and butt hard if you want brussel sprout leaves!

  5. Well that didn't seem fair at all. Did Luke get any either? Maybe you'll get your own pile of brussel sprout leaves later!

  6. i guess you guys are not big on sharing!

  7. Sorry you didn't get any. I am glad little Marion was able to get a few

  8. How selfish of the others! Maybe you will get brussel sprout leaves soon,

  9. How selfish of the others! Maybe you will get brussel sprout leaves soon,

  10. How selfish of the others! Maybe you will get brussel sprout leaves soon,

  11. That is definitely not fair. I'd register a complaint with the publicist.

  12. NOT FAIR! It's just NOT FAIR at all. Next time I see you all I will bring "special" treats just for you! Yes I will. But it may be a year...

  13. What did you expect? Those goats have no manners and no sense of decorum. They are not refined goats like you are, Pricilla.

  14. Good girl Marian for figuring out to jump up and get some of those leaves. Those goats are bad goats. They should share, like that will happen. Have a great day.

  15. They must be incredibly delicious to prompt all that selfish behavior!

  16. You just need to be faster around buttheads like these so you can get your fair share!


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