Monday, August 2, 2010

The Male Person Puts Us to Work

Yes! It is true. The male person has put us to work.
But it is in a good cause.
He would never make us work too hard.
He knows better - we only work when we want to work.
heh heh

There is this big weed bush in the yard and he wants it gone.
It tastes pretty yummy so he has asked us all to nosh on it 'til it dies.

This, to me is not really hard work at all.

We all pitched in to do our best to help the male person out.
After all, he does bring us treats now and then!

Mallory and Matthew worked very hard and ate quite a bit of the bush.

Even little Marion did her best. But she is not very tall yet.

Nora and Sarah were munching fools.

Then I heard the male person talking to the publicist.
He said he is going to plant apple trees where the weed bush is growing.
Well, if that is the case I will munch 

and munch and munch...

...until that weed bush is dead! Because I am a selfless goat. Ah-hem.
I would love to have apple trees in my yard because you know what that means, don't you?

I would have APPLES!
Lots and lots of apples.
Mmmm, apples.

I will keep those other goats munching away and I will dream of apples!
Nope, not hard work at all.


  1. APPLES?!?! That is very good munching-motivation!

  2. What a team you all are! You really worked together to to chomp down that weed tree!

  3. There's nothing like a little motivation to get some goats munching! APPLES!

  4. I find it interesting that you prefer the leafless twigs when there is so much green around... keep up the good work and prepare yourself for the apples...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  5. Keep on munching, if you get tired just remind yourselves of all the yummy apples you will have when get rid of this weed.

  6. you guys sure come in handy! i could use you around here!

  7. Ooo, an apple tree would be wonderful! Hope you get your job done quickly so that tree can get planted soon!

  8. Oh good plan, good plan! Look at that adorable red yurt in the background......That wouldn't be the yurt that I keep promising to post about is it? cough, cough! Oh my, such a procrastinator I am. I will get on it. ANd you will be moved in and living there for three years by then. Hey good news! Time to redecorate!!! haha

  9. This is great - love the pics and the dialog!

  10. When you are done munching the bush you all should head over here and take care of my backyard!! LOL
    Good job and I hope that the apple trees do well :)

  11. Apples! Get after that bush! Apples! We can't grow apples very well here where we live in Texas. Not enough chilling hours ya know.

    I tried to give my goaties carrots today and I want you to know they turned their noses up! I couldn't believe it! This crew around here is a bit picky I am thinking sighhhh.

  12. Oh, what a good job. Just think, you can start dreaming of fresh apples now!

  13. Oh, it would be great for you to have apple trees on your farm! Fresh apples for all the goaties!!

  14. If the lawn keeps growing here so quickly, I may need to send for some of you goats to come visit me! I'm not sure what the neighbors would think though.

    Good work, goat pallies!

  15. Yep, I'm guessing there wasn't a whole lot of complaining going on!

  16. LOL, Pricilla, you call that work? That is like if my human asked me to get rid of the bugs in the house by catching them and eating them! Not to mention the fact that once those weeds are gone, you get an apple tree. I would like the kitty version of your job.

  17. Wow, an apple tree hope you can get rid of that weed bush soon. Apples would be really yummy. We have peaches here and they are super. Hope you have a great day.


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